Loctite and Lube?

My KH24 cranks (moments) come loose after every ride. I have made sure that the correct pedals and cranks are on their correct sides. I did a search and decided to try Loctite (blue). Never having used this product I have a couple of questions. How much Loctite to use and what about using lube? Do you just clean it well, use the loctite and forget the lube? I was using white lithium grease. Thanks.

When you don’t want steel and aluminum to bond you use a light grease on the mating surfaces. You should use the grease on the outside of the spindle/axle and on the inside of the crank arm. Clean the threads with degreaser on both the bolt and the bolt hole of the axle. The blue (breakable) loctite should coat the threads of the bolt, and be screwed in. Check KH site for Torque spec and try and use a torque wrench to set properly.

Don’t mix the lube and the Loctite. use the loctite on the threads, not the spindle if you ever want to get the cranks off again. do not use red or green loctite or the bolt may strip upon an attempt to remove it. good luck it should work.

If the uni is relatively new… this is expected for the cranks to come loose after each ride. You should use Copper anti-seize grease on the splines of the ISIS axle and inside the splines of the crankarms.

Then, like the poster above said… degrease/clean the threads of the bolts and the axle, and apply blue loctite to them. Screw it all together and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Then you cranks shouldn’t be coming loose anymore.

If they still do, most likely there’s an interface issue.

You probably aren’t tightening them enough. The spec is for something like 30 foot-pounds, which is a lot of force. If you crank them down that much, they’ll stay for a good while.