Locking up your Uni?

Hey everyone. This is a question I’ve been curious about for awhile now, and I figure the answer is no, but would it be possible to lock up the wheel AND the frame of a standard fork-framed uni? I recently the Coker Big One, and am wondering if it would be a stupid idea to ride it to school the coming year. I currently have a steel cable combination lock which stretches out to about 10 feet.

If you can find a large padlock that will fit around a leg of the unicycle while holding a cable/chain but not over the bearing holder you could lock both the wheel and frame.

Unicycle theft usually isn’t as prevalent as bike theft though. When I do lock my uni it is just through the wheel.

Take my advise for it: do NOT lock your uni up in the bike rack. People may not steal it, but they will mess with it, just because it is different.

I ride my uni to school and put it in one of my teacher’s classrooms. Just ask around and see if any of your teachers will let you do this.

I have rarely locked up my unicycles myself, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone losing a frame (or similar) because their unicycle was locked through the wheel. But having the unicycle messed with? Yes.

The Wal-Mart greeter has kept mine for me.

Never had a problem with the frame being stolen, most don’t carry a set of hex keys and care enough to actually go about the trouble to steal something worthless to them. Bikes are pretty valuable to most people, but unicycles not so much.

As said, the main problem will be curious people and their grubby fingers on your ride.

If all you have is a cable lock, you’re better off not bothering. Get a U lock if you really want to protect it.

Thanks for the responses everyone. This is my first year at the new high school, and it is rather large (more like a castle than a school), so I guess I’ll just ask a few of my teachers if they could keep it in their room while I’m at class. I do suppose I don’t want people messing with it… certainly don’t need anything getting broken.

I use hand cuffs, but try a u lock.

Hah, that’s a great idea!
The chain style are probably actually less tough than a cable lock, but they’ve got much more attitude!