Locking methods?

hey, just wondering if anyone has a good way to lock up a uni? i was thinking of lowering the seat as much as possible and putting the lock from the rim (or bottom of the frame) and tight in the groove in the seat, so they cant slide the seat out, take the rim, take the latch for the seat post or anything.

any other ideas? this seems a little dodgy, not tight enough and its gone. specially cos its gunna cause more attention than a bike…


If you want to lock the frame you can get a Hunter style frame or a Nimbus 36" style frame. There is no practical way to lock a standard frame unless you get a ring welded to it that the lock can go through.

For the seat you can loop a cable like this through the seat rail attachment and the frame. The picture in that link shows how you would secure a bike seat. You don’t need a lock with that method since the cable loops around like a noose. It is something that you leave on all the time.

If you have a standard unicycle seat you can cut holes in the plastic seat base or carbon fiber seat base to run the cable through. Then loop it around in a similar manner like the rail style seat.

Don’t use any quick release do-dads. You can get bolts (fasteners) that don’t use a proprietary tool rather than the standard hex key. An opportunistic thief isn’t going to have the proprietary tool with them so they aren’t going to be able to remove any of the bolts. Talk to a bike shop to find out what kinds of proprietary bolts are available.

If you use a U lock make sure that it isn’t bigger than it needs to be. A lock that is too big will have too much free space where the thief can fit their tools. The extra space gives them room for prying tools and little mini hydraulic jacks that can bust the lock.

yeah actually i was just thinking of getting a little loop an welding it to the seatpost.

not an expensive uni by any means, but still a shame to get stolen.

thanks for the advise

yeah actually i was just thinking of getting a little loop an welding it to the seatpost.

not an expensive uni by any means, but still a shame to get stolen.

thanks for the advise

a usefull tip if you are leaving any kind of cycle locked at night in an area where drunk people might come across it is to chain it to something so that its off the ground and cant be lowered. this way it cant be jumped on by drunken retards. i usually chain my bike on the wrong side of some 5foot tall railings with a big drop beneath them on the wrong side.

loop on the seatpost sounds good. is there anything out there that could be bolted on to the seatpost with bespoke headed bolts?

lol… you can just take it with you, why lock it?

I’m looking for ways to lock up my DX to bike racks when I can’t take it with me inside; is there an effective way of doing this without modifying my frame?

To be frank I very much doubt that unicycles are stolen by professional thieves with tools etc. I was always more worried about people damaging my uni or stealing it to mess around with, or nicking some small part like my DMR V12 pedals, which would actually have some resale value on ebay or wherever. Therefore a cable through the wheel always did for me, sure you can nick the frame with a 6mm allen key, but what would you do with it? When I had to leave my KH 24 in a particularly risky spot I got a 6ft cable that allowed me to pass it through the wheel, both pedals and the saddle handle.

having said that, beth who appears on here ocassionally got her K1 freestyle stolen, along with the 3 tumbler combination lock/chain securing it.

poeple will just pop your tyre :frowning:

I have never thought of locking mine up, really, i mean for me it is no bother to just carry/roll it.

lock it up in the bike stands and walk the next 4 kms :stuck_out_tongue:

If they were really into disassembling your uni, they could take everything exept the tire and the rim…Obviously, it would be much easier for them to just cut the chain!:smiley:

I agree with pretty much everyone on this thread, its sooo much easier just to carry it with you, and no one seems to care.(unlike a bike;) )