Lockdown special: hop standing on the wheel tutorial

When I looked Chris Huriwai’s Unicycle top 10 video, I did not believe that a 90 unispin is indeed easy! I have put the lockdown to my profit and have learned a couple of tricks.

That’s a great idea! I’ve been working on bike wheelies, but that turns out to be a harder skill than I expected. I’ll work on this one too.

Hi Haqreu,

Excellent video and well done on your success, I have been watching chris’s videos (amazing rider!) and currently trying to pluck up the courage to do a jump mount,I have been doing assisted holding on to wall jump mounts so i need to “man up” and leave the wall alone. Sure to try your video as well at some point so thanks for taking the time and effort to do it.

Like many others i have been using this lockdown to improve my riding which i have loads, I been either doing idling,hoping and trying backwards on a nimbus equinox that i have recently built during lockdown or spending time on my hatchet on various off road areas that i have found locally.

Hi m00ms, as for the jump mounts listen (and look) closely to what Chris says in his top 10 mounts video: in the beginning it is very awkward to jump two feet at the same time, it is way easier to jump one foot from the ground, kind of as if you run and use your dominant foot to push you in the air (but the landing still must be almost simultaneous). Two years after my first jump mount I cannot reproduce this awkward feeling, but back then it was very strong…

I’d say that a (small) pothole can help too, it would immobilize the wheel. Jump to the pedals and dismount right away, rinse repeat.

I like to see you do that on a 36" :slight_smile: It looks very tiring having to hop all the time. I suppose you can keep your hops to a minimum right?

Yup, no need to hop high; just enough to keep balance. In fact, it is not that tiring, I guess I could hop for a half an hour non-stop (probably with reduced frequency). If your timing is right, the tire bouncing does most of the work.

I really like this video because you are an older guy, so it shows even older people could learn it! I just don’t like your bonus attempt at the end.

Well… I did not want to hide the truth. I do not think you can avoid falling down when learning some unicycling tricks. The idea of the video is to show how to minimize the risk, but you can’t eliminate it completely.

I fell twice or thrice while learning this 90 unispin; no harm was done even if I did not wear shin pads, you can see me getting up right away. I think it is crucial to learn to fall, do not be afraid of falls! Just tumble out and you will be okay. Shinpads/elbowpads + gloves are a must, do not look at me, I did not wear those because of the lockdown, all shops were closed. Now I have purchased a set of shinpads and going for a 180 unispin.