I was just wondering where everybody did most of their riding. Me I ride at a skatepark and the university campus by my house

I go to somewhere and just ride around looking for things to do, like stairs, rails, drops, things to hop up and just anything I think I could do something on.

Usually schools are good because it’s built up and it’s not like your riding in someones house. Well you could be if the gardener lives there or something so just bail when they come.

I live in a valley, so i MUni a lot on the ridge near my house, i ride in front of my house, in my backyard (i recently set up a trials course) at parks, schools, and the university near my house.

driveway, and thats about it.

do some muni on my kh24 around the local lake.


Driveway (I got a bunch of pallets), downtown, university campus.


since it’s summer, I ride mostly in my driveway and the road in front of my house. I have a concrete slab in the backyard where I do some light trials, then a set of stairs that I’ve been working on hopping down/up.

After school, I used to go to this empty parking lot (Great big mini-mall, but the department store there closed, so now 4 of the 5 spaces are up for rent.). I actually rode 45 revolutions on a 24" uni with my eyes closed and didn’t come close to hitting anything.

The college I’m going to next year has a small skate park less than a mile from the dorms. I’ve never seen anyone using it, so it should make for some nice riding.

I can’t do anything, so I practice in the walkway up to my house and out in the street. if I could do stuff I’d go the skatepark, hills, and my high school. That place has some nice unicycle-ready trials type things. If only I could use them.