Local uni riders

Is there any threads, or anyway at all on the forums to find riders around your area? Iv been unicycling for 2 years about and have seen none other then the guy i sterted with.

there is a map somewhere online of a ton of unicyclists, i’m sure you’re not the only one around seattle.

The map is just in the right top corner of this page. Between links and donate.

Check this out:


I think they meet on Thursdays at the Green Lake Community Center. I’ve never been because I live on the Eastside and I am too lazy to drive across the bridge :slight_smile:

Roster of unicyclists


This roster lists a lot of unicyclist by country and state. I don’t know how often it gets updated.

I live in Tumwater WA. I’m not a competent off road rider, although I try. My Coker is my prefered method of uni travel.

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