Local (Santa Cruz) news: Scott Cooper SF-LA in the paper

“Unicycling spokes-man: S.F.-to-L.A. ride draws one-wheeler”


I’ve met Scott a few times, and he’s a cool guy. Kudos to him for doing it (and again)!

Yes, Scot is a great guy and an amazing distance rider.

It would mean a lot to him for all us unicyclists to donate what we can to the Arthritis Foundation using his donation page at: Arthritis Foundation
He still has a ways to go to meet his goal, for a great cause. And, the more he raises the more good press unicycling will get.

Scott Wallis is right.

My goal is only about $1,000 shy. If 100 unicyclists donated only $10, that would bring me to my goal. If I don’t make my goal, the remainder will come out of my pocket. I hope it won’t come to that.

I am sure that all of you know someone affected by arthritis. You can make a difference with a donation that will go to research and education.

Thanks to all that donate. :sunglasses:

I guess I’ll use this tread to plug myself too!!

I’m also going to riding the CCC with Scot. I’m $630 short in my fund raising. If you guys have an extra $6.30 in your account after helping Scot out, feel free to donate it to my fund raising efforts.

!Donate to Scot’s fund raising effort

Donate to mine.

You guys are the best
Michael Scalisi