Local Rider/Barber

Hey, I thought ya’ll might wanna hear about this other Uni rider I met in the area. His name is Crazy Dave and is a hair stylist. But get this, he only rides for fitness, and commutes to work everyday. That in itself isn’t the impressive thing though…what is impressive is the fact that he rides up a local mountain, 8-9 % grade (15% at steepest point I think), with 80 lbs on his back. When he isn’t doing that, he is riding up backwards or on his giraffe.

Steveyo, I’m gonna try to convince him to race you one of these days…

Hey, keep him away from my races! I don’t want THAT much competition! :astonished: :smiley:

I donno man, the local mountain isn’t as long as your races and training rides are. I mean, he is strong and has great endurance (spins high speed inside while on a treadmill), but you have alot more hill riding experience. If he does show up, you are gonna have to compete with his ego, for it is quite large. He says he could beat Kris Holm in a distance race…

Them’s big words. I’m a hack compared to AspenMike or GizmoDuck or KH or a bunch of other riders, but this guy Crazy Dave should try a longer climb and then get back to us.

Well, I figure it would be best for him to find out on his own the abilities of you and the other riders out there, cause he won’t listen to me when I suggest that he just might lose.