Local paper.

There is a small, once a week paper out in my area, called community voices. I’ve been reading it for a couple months, and i really like the whole grass roots feel to it. The latest copy had in it a request for readers to write in and send in pics of local sports stuff. I’m thinking about writing in about unicycling. There are only a couple riders here, myself being the only fairly serious rider, and I’d like to change that. I’m hoping to start a club soon, and to perhaps offer lessons. Anyways, I figured this might be an opportunity to get the word out to more people.

I’m thinking of writing about the 24 hour race that I’ll be in on the May 24 weekend. You know: local uni rider to race 24 hour", or something to that effect. I would also include the fact that I’d be starting a club soon, and maybe a contact, so people can reach me.

Does anyone have any ideas here. Either to expand on what I’m proposing I do, or some totally fresh ideas. Any and all will help.


that sounds great! if you are starting a club, see if you can get one of the local schools to let u ride in their gym for meets in the winter.

Good thinking.

Maybe a community centre might work if no schools do let you. :smiley:

Hey Uni_Jim, I’m assuming that the 5.5 foot drop is your milestone, but if so, what type of surface did you land on?

Jacking your own thread?

I think your idea is good. For the club opening, maybe you could prepare some kind of a show to attract people.

If you only had some sort of extreme unicycling movie that showcased north bay or something

I might know of one, but I hear the guy who made it is a bit weird. But seriously, great idea bud.

Hold off on writing a story for your local paper until I can get together all the videos and stuff I have with north bay (and making some more the next time i come downn) and we can make you up a website to showcase these videos.

I would suggest trying to target the mountainbiking population of north bay, seeing as they will have probably seen you in the woods, or at least heard about you.

Don’t write up a story until you have something for people to look at once they read it and want to go to a website that you provide. and having some business cards done up to put at the local bike shops, or to always have on hand with you when you ride and someone talks to you about riding, is also a good idea

That will generate enough interest for you to start charging for lessons

You wil have your northern ontario riders in no time