Local News - unicyclist C2C, who? [UK]

My Dad told me this morning that he saw on the news that a 16 year old girl had done the coast to coast ride to raise money for charity, i was wondering whether anyone knew who this was? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about a girl who has done LEJoG, but Samwii will do it soon though;


Somebody called Jo Noble-Smith

Useful thing, Google :wink:


i didnt think of google, i only searched the BBC because thats where i thought the video would have been, because it was on the local news :thinking:
thatnks for finding it though :slight_smile:

:o Yeah, ignore me. Wrong person, wrong sex, wrong dates, wrong route entirely. But at least I was right about it being on a unicycle :smiley:


Its a good ride on a uni. Did it back in 2000 in two days. - well I did most of it, paul did a bit more and roger did the lot.

Suppose I should do it one day some time. :slight_smile:

I don’t know who, but I heard from a friend that she’s from Wylam.

Oops, didn’t spot Rob’s post :o