Local man on one wheel stuns bicyclists

I took my Blue Shift ride today by going a couple of loops around the outer bike path of Green Lake Park. Part of this would see me either riding north on state highway 99 where the path ends or off road on a gravel path. I had on the 661 gear so was not averse to riding along with 45mph city traffic since it makes me indestructible, but I decided it might be fun to take the unicycle off road in 43.5" mode. It was delightfully smooth. And, yes, I overtook two bicyclists while riding off road. I wasn’t passed by a single bicyclist today.

Yesterday, on the bike path downtown, I was slowly passed by a guy on a bicycle who exclaimed, “jeez, do you have gears on that thing? You’re screaming along here!” Yes, I do. Also lots of protective gears.

The first thing I saw when glancing at the post was “45mph”. And for just a second… nah, surely not…?

Phil, just me

Ok, now I’m hooked. Where can I get one of these? I’m getting more and more jealous with each post?

Will they ship to canada? How much money will they be? Can I use a coker wheel? A twenty inch?

(Wouldn’t that be great? Screaming down the road with a little 20-inch.)

I’d love to see some more pics or vids!

…once again…

Harper stuns the world (both real and cyber) with his master craftsmanship in the shop, his prowess on the street, and his uncanny use of the English language.

All hail Harper!!!

Canadians will be required to arrive on camel and take delivery in person, but payment in Mapel Syrup will be accepted for those not equiped with Green Backs. I’m stocking-up on syrup futures, now…

-C R LeFay
Unicycle Business Daily

Re: Local man on one wheel stuns bicyclists

Just thinking out loud, wouldn’t it be fun to blast a recording of some sort of, say, a jet engine whine as you’re tooling along at breakneck speeds past bicyclists.


Wouldn’t that be fun! Imagine riding along on the equivalent of a 54" wheel. I want one too. Greg, have you measured Blue Shift’s top speed yet?

Andrew Carter

Dylan + uni.5 hub = love

Dylan + uni.5 hub = break

hah hah hah hah hah! Pure halarity!