Loading dock drop video

Hello, I just managed to trash my cranks some more today. I did a bunch of drops from a 4’ 7" loading dock. I posted the video of the only one I landed well. http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/albun19/aal
I’ve got a bunch of failed attempts on video too, maybe I’ll get them posted later.

cheers and beers… Mojoe

lower that camera.how do we know you werent landing on some old mattress?

I know, I wish the camera girl would have backed up a little, but
she’s only ten years old. In the videos of the failed drops, you can see ground as I stumble off the muni. I’ll get some of them uploaded in a minute.

Mojoe with bent cranks

what type of unicycle/cranks were you on?

It’s a Semcycle XLW, modified to fit a 24x3 inch Gazzilla, with some 165mm aluminum cranks from my old Raleigh ten speed. The cranks are now terribly disfigured.

I just put up a 6 meg video with sound of five drops. The first is a four footer and the remainder are drops from the loading dock.


Enjoy…Mojoe(who wished it was x-mas so he could get some Profile cranks)

the 6meg vid is nice.i like the original version of “Right Round” though:)

beerz then cheerz…