Load on a Hub?

How many weight can you load your uni Hub before it’s broke?

I have a old Koxx Hub steel and a guy told me that the Hub is for a weight like 90 kg than it’s broke. When I jump with the Muni the impact it’s much more than 90 kg by a drop form a meter hight. When does or how much kg must you load on the Hub than it’s broke?
My Koxx Hub is on my 36" and it’s never broke, I don’t do drops with it. With my Muni I make drops 1 Meter Drops but it’s an old KH Moment Hub. Are older Hubs better than new ones?

Dont worry, do the jump!

On a more serious note. ISIS hubs can take alot. There’s more than just weight that makes a difference in what the hub can take (technique, crank length, landing, ect). If it’s a Koxx-One Light, they do have a certain limit, but they can still get beaten properly. If it’s a reinforced hub, dont worry, just do whatever you want haha.