Lo-res images for HRM

I’ve just bought a new Heart Rate Monitor. It’s a Polar F6, which displays a logo when in watch mode and allows the user to customise the logo using a tool that can be downloaded here:

The logo is restricted to 2 colours on a 47 x 16 display, so I faced the challenge of fitting a unicycle hockey picture into that tiny space.

There should be 2 images attached here. The first one was my first effort and the second is the logo I now have on my HRM. Believe it or not, it’s modelled on this photo that Google found for me:

I’ve submitted the second one for inclusion in the Polar gallery:

What I want to know is whether anyone else here has created anything similar that I could use or base my next effort on if I get bored with my new hockey logo.



Re: Lo-res images for HRM

Danny Colyer wrote:
> There should be 2 images attached here.

Interesting. Only the second attachment link makes it through to
usenet. Oh well, the first is at:
leads to:

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