LM Rim cost?

How much does the Surly LM Rim sell for? Im thinkin of getting one for my Muni.


lol, before I saw your post I clicked the link and was like “ouch”

Thats acctually less than i expected to pay…I was thing more around the $200-$225 mark.

I got mine from Speed Goat for $86 plus shipping http://www.speedgoat.com/product.asp?part=107730&cat=260&brand=245
It looks like they only carry the 26" though.

Not quite as good, but http://www.aebike.com has the 24" for $90 (USD) + shipping.


so why this rim and not a kh or sun doulbe wide or an alex ?

it’s ultra wide…


24" - $87.00

It eliminates tire fold, adds volume to your tire, it makes your uni ride amazing on trails. Once you go surly, you won’t go back.

Also i do alot of riding on the beach…And the word is, is that nothing comes close to the LM on sand and snow.

Has anyone compared the XC to the DH? It is lighter, is it still plenty strong??

It is 100 grams lighter. The XC is rolled from the same extrusion, but the outer wall is machined to reduce weight.

It is plenty strong. The 36-hole XC rim was produced with unicyclists in mind.

Is the XC available in a 24"?? I have one of the first LM 24s and I assume it’s a DH.


The xc only comes in 26".

That’s weird. I read Surley saying the XC was made specifically for Munis, and who rides a 26 incher??


Where did you read that? Who’s Surley?

“Surley” is a typo. And where did I read what? That hardly anyone I ever ride with is on a 26 inch Muni?

IME, the ratio of 24 to 26 inch munis favors the 24 perhaps by 10 to 1, if not more. At the last Cal. Muni Weekend I’m not sure if I saw a single 26 incher in the whole group.

My only point is that the commercial market for a 24 inch Muni rim is likely much deeper than it is for a 26 incher. If you made a lighter version of the 24 I know most of the Santa Barbara Muni club would buy one in a flash.


Im with John on the 24" vs 26" debate…Ive ridden a 26 a few times and its just to beasty for me. I like the 24".