LM Rim and spoke length

I think Ill be getting a Large Marge rim, and want to know what the spoke length will be. I will be using the LM (26" rim), and a profile hub. If anyone has this setup, can you tell me how long your spokes are?

Also would my spokes I have in my wheel now work? I currently have a profile hub and Alex dx32 rim. If someone could find a spoke length calculator, that would be nice too! UDC’s deosn’t have the LM rim on it.

Thanks for any help!

Look up the ERD and hub demensions, Punch them into a spoke calc and there you go. Thats what a spoke calc is for.

That’s the hard way! I am just wondering if anyone knows the length already for me. Does anyone have the ERD of their 26" LM rim?

Funny you should ask this question at this time. Last night I just built my new Muni wheel. It’s a 26" Large Marge with the UDC Extra Wide CrMo hub.

The Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) for the 26" Large Marge non-offset rim is 536mm. Naturally you’ll have to use the dimensions of the Profile hub as shown below. Here is the calculation for your setup.

Large Marge = 536mm
Profile Hub Diameter = 54mm
Profile Hub Width = 65mm
Spoke Hole Diameter (14g) = 2mm
Spokes = 36
Cross = 3

Calculated Spoke Length = 256mm

Wow, is this all right? Thanks for the calculation. Saves me alot of time and struggle.

Another question, can you fit 13 gauge spokes in the LM rim, or is that to fat to fit?

I believe Marge can handle up to a 12g spoke.

I could be mistaken about this but I recently changed over a new KH drilled 24 rim to a LM and the wheel builder tried to use the 13 gauge spokes but couldn’t find nipples for them anywhere – and this was a pretty top end bike shop in LA, so I figured they could find anything. I don’t know why he didn’t use the nipples from the KH but for some reason he didn’t or couldn’t.


aebike builds those wheels. They will have the proper spokes and nipples. I think on their site it tells what gauge spokes go with the LM rim.

I just mounted a Gazzaloddi 3.0 on my LM rim and let me tell you that even though I chose to use 14g spokes this wheel is bullet-proof. I built a 3X interlaced LM with a UDC extra wide CrMo hub for added strength and I am very pleased with the result. Hopefully my frame will arrive next week and I will be good to go. Can’t wait!

Sounds kewl! Have any pictures?

[B]quick overview…tell me if this is right.

26" Large M. - ERD- 536mm(aebike says 532mm)
profile hub diameter-54mm
profile hub width-65
spoke hole diameter(14g)-2mm

Total length = 256mm (ERD 532 = 254mm)

So would either 256 or 254 work since its really close? Plz help with this, I want to order, so I need to know if this info you gave me is all right.[/B]

I emailed Surly bicycles last week to inquire about the correct ERD for the Large Marge non-offset rim. After several days of no response from them I emailed Surly via a different address I acquired. I received a response from the first email I sent which stated

About 30 minutes later I received a response from the second email I sent which stated:

Confused I took my rim and inserted a small dowel through one eyelet on one side of the rim through the eyelet 180 degrees across and measured 536mm.

I emailed the second Surly guy back stating:

The reply came back stating:

I went with 536mm and the spokes were perfect.

Here’s some pics

The pics are good but they don’t do the wheel justice. It’s incredible!

why the bomb-proof wheel and the not so bombproff hub?

  • Wider hub = greater lateral strength.
  • I'm not paying $$$ for a Poznanter, KH or Onza just because they look nice.
  • I have three different length cranks I use for my 36'er, now I can also use them for my Muni since their not splined.
  • Have you ever seen the UDC Extra Wide CrMo hub? It's pretty bomb-proof.

Unicycle.com/UK has a nice spoke calculator on their website. It’s quite nice! You simply select the components your planning to use and click the button to get your spoke length. They’ve just added the Large Marge rim to the formula. The formula is for 14g spokes but you can easily modify the number for spoke hole diameter if you planning to use another guage. What’s also nice is that if the rim your planning to use isn’t on the list but your hub is, you can retrieve all you hub dimensions by selecting your hub and any rim then copying down the hub dimensions that apply. You can get the effective rim diameter (ERD) from the manufacturer or you LBS and your all set.

Here’s the link to UDC/UK

The hub won’t be what fails; the cranks will fail at the taper, assuming you use this for the kind of MUni it deserves.

Being only 140 lbs. I’ve never broken a crank arm yet. If I start breaking them I’ll have to switch to a splined hub or maybe design a crank arm that won’t break. I’m not going to worry about it though.

Louise Loville is probably 40 pounds lighter than that and her square-taper crank got loose in Moab, ending her day. It just doesn’t make sense to me to haul around the extra weight of a Large Marge and then cripple it with a crank interface that’s known to be problematic for extreme riding. I hope it works out for you, but I fear that it won’t.

What makes you so sure? I think we should find a LM/endomorph equipped square taper uni and test it on the hardest trails in Oakland.

Any idea where we can find such a machine?