LM and N26

I got a spare ISIS hub and was thing about building up a LM rim with it for my N26 be wide enough for it with a 3in duro? and what are some good 2.7-3in+ tires for it?

I would pull out the measuring tape and see how much room you have. I don’t have any numbers for a Duro on a LM but it should come out to be a bit less than 80mm (a Gazz on a LM)

Terry built up a Nimbus 24 with a Large Marge. So, it should probably work. I wouldn’t bet on maggies though. Maybe if you got a hold of some Tensile offset brake mounts you could swing it.

I was having a hard time getting HS33’s to work on a Tryall rim on my Nimbus 26 until Bryce sent me a set of worn pads that gave me just enough room not to rub my rim.

i guess im going to build just a normal wheel with a try all or a kh

If you need spokes I don’t think you can do better than Sapim spokes from Danscomp. I just built up a dynohub wheel for my commuter and the spokes were .25/piece with nipple. That’s like going 20 years back in time. Even with the $6. shipping they were under .50/piece.

A maxxis high roller 2.7 is a great tyre, I have the super tacky compound and it has great grip and has good rolling resistance, although I do wish for a bit more cushioning sometimes :slight_smile:

Jtrops: I would use thoes or some dt Swiss. I can get them for 20¢ a piece with no shipping :slight_smile: (I lov working at a bike shop)

Outdoor junkie: would you recommend that tire for a heaver agressive rider?

I would say I’m a reasonably aggresive rider, although I am light at 65kgs. I would recomend it if you don’t mind having as much air volume as a 3’’ tyre does for a lighter tyre with better rolling resistance! I would say its a good tyre for aggresive riding, but I’m not sure if you will like the size of it as I do wish the 2.7 maxxis was bigger sometimes for drops and stuff :slight_smile:

i like to run a harder tire so that should not be a issue. i will order one friday or Monday at work

I’ve used DT’s for years without a problem. In the past I’ve built with Union, Prym, Alpina, Sapim, and a few others. It’s been a long time since I’ve used anything but DT. So, I don’t have a problem with them in general terms.

So, what about these Sapim spokes? Well, it seems like a small thing, but they just fit the hub better. DT’s have a longer section between the bend and the head, and that leaves a bit of wiggle room for the spoke. The other thing is that the Sapim end is more tapered so it seems to seat better in the spoke hole. Will it build a stronger wheel, probably. Will it matter to most people, probably not. I have to say that I was impressed by the overall quality of the spokes. The last time I was impressed by spokes was a couple of wheels I built with Alpina Raggi eliptical spokes. They were nice spokes.

Honestly though, if I had a source for getting spokes locally for .30/piece incl. nipples I wouldn’t care if they were DT’s, or Sapim’s. They are both quality spokes.

I still dont know if im getting a oregon or a n26 either one im building a 2nd wheel for so this is still kinda relevant

I want to bump this. i am still thinking about building a LM wheel for my N26 and going break less. Is there any reason not to run this set up?

Rim brakes on the Nimbus frame won’t work on the LM without adding some offset adaptors.

The rim itself is heavy, esp if you get the DH version, not to mention the cost of the rim and spokes will run $150 or more.

The LM will only slightly flatten out a 3" tire, so it will feel a little more stable, but not that noticeably.

The narowest tire you can run on a LM is ~2.4-5".

The widest tire you an run in the Nimbus 26 frame with am LM is a 3" Duro, so no 4" tires.

Best bet: ride what you have and stop worrying about it, sell the hub and buy a skinny tire for your 26", and save your money for a 29".


Buy a 29" Nimbus frame, build a 29" wheel using an Oracle hub, rebuild your 26" wheel with an Oracle hub, get a D Brake Adaptor, add a hydraulic disc brake, and you now have two wheel for one frame. Sell the ISIS hubs and 26" frame to help cover the costs:

Oracle hubs x 2 = $250
Stealth 2 29" rim = $75
Spokes and nips for 29" =$40
d Brake adaptor and hydraulic brake $100
29" Ardent =$50
Nimbus 29" frame = $50

Nimbus 26" frame sell for $40
Nimbus ISIS hubs sell for $75
Magura rim brake sell for $75

Total cost = ~$350

That is a good idea but a 29 is going to be a bit big for were im going to be at :frowning:

To see if it’d fit, putting them on an Oracle, you’d have to ask UDC, but it would fit the steel frame.

If a 3" fits w/ the LM on the Oracle, you wouldn’t have to get adaptors like you would w/ the steel frame, like Ben said.

Using same tire on a wider rim dampens out the bumps, noticably doesn’t get caught in grooves, and turns less sharply on my 20". I’ve heard similar w/ the LM.