Live Near Seattle? ...Have I Got a Deal for You! (KH29)

I have a practially brand new KH29 that has been sitting idle in my living room ever since I bought my KH36 a couple months ago. I honestly don’t see myself doing much with the 29er in the near term, and I’d like to get the floorspace back.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t ask me to ship this unicycle! Going through that kind of hassle is not worth the effort to me–I’d sooner hang onto to the uni than subject myself to that kind of ordeal. So, if you live close to Seattle and you’re interested in a stock KH29, bought less than a year ago, and which has has only light road use, let me know. BTW: it has Speedplay Drillium pedals mounted, but I also have the original plastic ones.

PRICE: $300.00

–thanks for looking

Sweet deal here! Someone should buy it.

I might be interested. I’ve been looking for a reason to get out of town and I need a bigger wheel. My trials just isn’t an effective way to get from point a to b unless there are rocks or stairs all the way there.

Too bad you wont ship, because this is very tempting!

Someone buy this! It’s a crazy deal!

PM sent.

I live here locally and work in Seattle. I might be interested in this as a commuter as I cannot yet ride my 36er after a knee injury. Thinking a little less wheel might help as I continue rehab. Let me know if you have some free time.

If you still have it I may be interested

I could pick it up on Saturday


I could pick it up tomorrow night. Very interested. Sent you a pm earlier.

I also could come tomorrow after 3

Oh man, the race is on.


ok…I can meet you in seattle tomorrow at 8am with cash.

Is PM even working?! I’m from Bellevue and have cash, e-mail me: j.jaydavidson “at”

My email is 1cycle4him"at"

Thanks to everyone who checked out my thread. Last evening a nice local rider stopped by and snagged the 29er.
I’m very busy right now, but later I’ll try to answer the various PMs that came in.
–YooNeeNoob :wink:

YooNeeNoob…you’ll regret it…:wink:

What an exciting thread! I need to take a nap now…
(I’m actually in the market for a 29, down in Olympia, WA. Any other great deals out there? :slight_smile:

BRB, buying a plane ticket. :smiley: