Live interview on ESPN!

Hey Guys!

I did an interview last friday for ESPN Channel here in Brazil!

It’s in portuguese but I uploaded to vimeo, so I’m posting here!

It have 30 min and is divided in 2 parts! Mostly I talked about all my trips, events, demos, sponsors and the upcoming world championship!

If you speak spanish or portuguese you may understand :wink:




Nice job Pedro!

I’m glad unicycling is getting some recognition! :smiley:

About time! haha

Nice job Pedro :heart: lol
For sur I don’t understant you :wink: lol
Nice Promotion I like
see you to N-Z baby lol
Bye @+++

That is very cool… We need more people out there doing this.

What I am really saying is:

ESPN if you are listening, TAKE ME FORE A LIVE INTERVIEW!!

seriusly though. We do need more of that. Way to go Pedro.

Wow thats awesome :smiley: too bad I didnt understand a word

That’s awesome.

Bummer than I’m monolingual :o, but I did understand a few words here and there. In summary, for fellow anglophiles: mono cycle bike freestyle monocycle transport cool motorcycle flatland trials street america international wellington los angeles brasil bicycle supercross autocross :slight_smile:

Also, some nonverbal cues speak all languages, like sunglasses on hat ( :sunglasses: ), soul patch ( :sunglasses: :sunglasses: ), and scabs on knees/elbows (I’m not a pretender).


Thanks for the comments! I’m really glad you guys liked it! :smiley:

Haha, portuguese is not that hard… It’s almost the same as spanish!

I’m going to a do a second one on ESPN when I come back home :smiley: Hopefully it will be as nice as this one :wink:

Again, thanks for the comments! I’m working hard to make the sport popular here, and I’m starting to get some results, so I’m definitely happy :smiley:

Pedro :smiley: