Little video

So, you might have seen it in Today I landed… but apparently it deserves it’s own thread and well…I didn’t land it all today :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, little video I practiced editing on, much bigger tricks in my Spring/Summer video which I’m filming for :wink:

Hope you enjoy! Any constructive critisism on editing is appreciated, I really want to get better! :wink:

I love you, massive amounts.

Liked the edit a lot! the only part of the video i didnt like was how you did slow motion of the ride on the wall and the split screen of you riding on the pallets. Thats just me tho! haha other people may think differently :slight_smile:

cant wait to see a full video!

That was cool, the wall part was deceiving because you had it slowed and pulsed so it looked like you were gonna trick off the wall… but then it cut to the pallets.

Nice Adam!
You are so good and I loved the 360 SideSpin.:slight_smile:

Dang dude, great stuff!