little vid from the eastend of Eastgermany


posted it in the german forum a while ago.

Cottbus is a boring little town with really good spots to ride.
20km before the border to Poland.
We are 5 young(and not so young:p ) rider and this vid was just made to introduce us to the german unicycling community.
Most of the footage was filmed last summer, so we are a lot better now. It is nothing special but funny I hope. :smiley:

Maybe we will do a full vid this Summer.


p.s.: Sorry for my English!

yea i have to use some active control thingy, that i cannot figure out.(same with spencers webpage)
How are you supposed to get through that, and watch the movie??


it’s a just a normal .mov-file. So, maybe you’re using the wrong OS;) , but a plugin should help.