Little Test Video + Double Flips =)

Hello everybody!
Here is a little video I made just to test some stuff with the editor and the camera.
Hope You Enjoy! Comments Are Welcome!
Thank You For Watching :smiley:
Best Regards from Brazil!

I still think that your teacher is the most sexy guy in the world… And also a nice teacher :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it Up seu viado! Amanham quero ver se acertar tudo ou te bato!

Those looked good. You got a good snap on the flip.

I’m so pissed. You’re getting sooooo good! I’m jealous! I wish I could progress that fast. Awesome job.

Thanks Everybody for the comments :smiley:
They make me wanna train more :stuck_out_tongue:

jeez, I wish I could land crakn flips.


Scintillating crank flips there.

Hey I uploaded on vimeo today only for a test :smiley: