Little Rock, Arkansas

ok, my job is telling me i need to be in Little Rock Arkansas for a few months.

What do you know about Little Rock? Muni trails? Does cokerhead live there? Anyone want to get together and ride?


Memphis is not too far away and has a great club. One member is a former Austin, Texas native who rides a coker. We ride Tuesday and Thursday evenings and most weekends. Check us out at and come over for a visit.

The American Taekwondo Association headquarters is there…

That’s all I know about it.

LR is in a rolling hills section of the Ozarks. You are close to many many MUni trails.

You will be close to the Buffalo River, Petit Jean State Park, Hot Springs… The terrain nearby is not as Muddy as Memphis. More hardpack dirt trails and plenty of rocks and cliffs. Lush vegetation. Hot.

As a MUnier, you will be happy.

Come to Memphis Unicycle Club (URL in mucRider’s post). Also, we sometimes head your way for some camping/riding. When my family wants the best nearby camping, we go to Arkansas.

Check out Blanchard Springs Caverns State Park. Mountain View AR is up the road and known for Bluegrass Music. They meet for pickin’ in the town square in the evenings. If you play, don’t forget yer Dobro.

I think Cokerhead is in Oklahoma…

It’s official. I’ll be in Little Rock for 2 to 3 months. I’ll periodically go back to Austin on the weekends, but for the weekends I stay, I’d love to hook up with you memphis riders for muni or cokering or urban muni. I’ll PM my email and cell phone to you. Maybe you can PM me yours.

Anyone else near or in Little Rock please feel free to contact me.

I’ll be in Little Rock this coming Monday the 26th of July.


by the way, i’ve ridden with thomas from memphis (i think that’s the name) when he came to austin to visit his folks.


edit: maybe his name was charles… yup, it was. i just checked your website. the guy with the new giraffe

Bumping this thread in hopes of finding more riders…

Take a peek at Arkansans in the roster on

BTW I’m trying to get some commitments for this weekend. We typically do a downtown Memphis Urban Uni ride on Sunday Morning around 10am. Trials and MUni bouncing around stuff. We go to Mud Island and play along the Mississippi River Walk (a replica of the MS River…fun to jump over, ride in. See photos on MUC website). It might rain some on Sat. so MUni gets sloppy. But we’ve got miles of Cokerable paved trails too.

I’ll let you know what I find out.

We’re in the embryonic stage of a Fall Get Together. Maybe camping. Definately Food and Beverage and Commeraderie. You said “a few months”, we’re looking at Sept or Oct.

Are you driving back and forth? Passing thru Oklahoma? I live in Norman, OK. Let me know.


Even though I haven’t forgiven Eric for backing out on the California MUni weekend trip this year, I will put in a good word for him.
He is a really good rider and a lot of fun to be around. Don’t pass up the chance to ride with him. Just don’t get too attached, he seems to move around a lot. I think it has something to do with evading the authorities.


Yesterday I met up with the Memphis Unicycle Club. What a great group! We played basketball and then a few of us went out and did a coker/29er offroad ride. I had a great time. Thanks, Memphis. I’m sure I will be coming out again.

Doug: I’m not driving back and forth to Austin. You are welcome to take a trip out to Little Rock. That looks like a long trip though.

Scott: Thanks for the kind words … I think…

Hey Eric,

Thanks for coming over to the Delta yesterday. It was greeat to ride / play with you. The more the merrier!

We missed you this morning. We had a great ride in the downtown area of Memphis.

I want to do some urban/downtown trials riding in Little Rock (Capitol Building area) soon. Can you organize it? Perhaps several of us from Memphis can trek over and combine several rides into one trip.

Also, I can’t go to Little Rock withourt a visit to Lilly’s for dinner!

OK, yea, come to Little Rock. Just don’t come on the few weekends I’ll be visiting home (Austin). That’s labor day weekend and the weekend starting August 13th. I’ll keep an eye on the weather and suggest a date.

And I’ll certainly come back to Memphis. I’m sorry I missed this morning’s ride. I just didn’t want to spend 4 hours in my car today.


Sorry to change subject but I have a question for doug. I live in OK do us Okies have any clubs or gettogethers? I live 45 min. south of Norman.


call me 405.360.0406