Little Red Shovel

Alright, here it is.
Since this video both of us have improved…then stopped riding. Ideally, we’ll get back into once all this snow melts.
Also note: My unicycle has since been painted nicely, and no longer gets thrown out of anger…as much.

I am also still beginner, but Enjoy.

Poor unicycle :astonished:

Was just strength testing the KH20"…
It passed with ‘flying’ colors… literally. see what i did thAR?

If we could get passed the throwing of the unicycle, which was just inserted for amusement and watch the riding, that’d be cool too! :smiley:

Looks like fun!

But yeah, I’ve never understood the throwing of the unicycle or bike etc. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. It makes you look like a fool, then you have to do the walk of shame and get it, and you’ve damaged it more, plus you’re angry then lol.

If you’re at the point of frustration of not making the goal you’ve set out to do (trick/mount) you usually don’t stop to think “gee, I sure do hope I don’t look stupid.” Really, You feel worse that you failed at said trick.

Remember– We edited this video, and left all that in just because after the fact, like you said… It’s just foolish, and that’s usually funny.
Take it for what it was… just a good time, and we had a lot of laughs at the temper tantrums. :smiley:


Oh yes I understand, I wasn’t trying to insult you at all. And as I said, it looked like fun!

I’ve just never been one to throw my belongings, at least not big belongings.

I have realized from learning in general to really enjoy the little achievements. Like I’ve been learning to 1ft ww lately, and today I finally got it so that I can roll and transition into position, but then I fall over. The old me would have been super angry at falling over again and again, but my new approach lets me enjoy that I achieved a part of something.

This will be super cheesy, but I look at it like pieces of a puzzle. You gotta get all the little pieces together to get the full picture.

Ending silly rant.

haha, I wasn’t trying to play super defensive, I just knew people would focus on my temper tantrums more than the unicycling. Believe me, I have calmed down a lot since this video…

Basically- We made it, but then I was super hesitant to post it here due to all the unicycle enthusiasts whom would get angry over the throwing of my uni.
I’ve decided to post now simply because I want to get back into this year, and figure everyone can kind of see where I am at.

It is definitely the little achievements! Keep up the good work, I’ll attempt to do the same.

And make more videos of course haha