LITTLE PUNKS or Good Citizen

For almost two years, I have tolerated several kids riding unicycles on our property. I have children of my own and understand the need to keep kids off dangerous streets. Recently we’ve noticed property damage to our handrails and planter beds. Our new signs apparently are being ignored. Our research indicates this website be the primary chat-room for unicyclists. So we want you to hear us out carefully.

A ‘Good Citizen’ is one who respects the property of others and does what they can to follow posted directives.

A ‘Little Punk’ is one who has no regard for private property and may even take pleasure in destruction behaviour.

We’ve watched several of your videos and read of your experiences with authority. The prevailing theme is that many of your members are just LITTLE PUNKS on unicycles. The damage they cause is, in my opinion, greater that skateboards and bmx. Every sort of public and private property is being utilized for jumping, digging pedals into and scraping.

If this behaviour continues, your community will certainly be regarded by the actions of your LITTLE PUNK members. We do not mean to insult anyone or the GOOD CITIZENS on your website. As for our property, we now have security cameras and also have the option to use footage from this site to encourage ‘corrective action’ from an ‘authoritative standpoint’. Get the drift…


this makes me wanna uni even more.


People that are unicycling on your property (I’m assuming it’s a school or other public building) aren’t thinking “hey, a bench! I can scrape that up!”. More than likely, they’re trying to improve their skills by hopping onto it. I don’t see how a single tire can cause more damage than either a skateboard or a bmx bike.

unicycles can’t make skid marks.
the only thing that might cause visible damage (scratches) would be metal-pinned pedals.

Have you spoken with these LITTLE PUNKS, and explained to them that you don’t want to pay to replace the planter beds or handrails (which, by the way, what difference does it make if they’re scratched? does it affect their performance?)

Most, if not everybody on these forums, would completely understand if you asked them to stay out of your plants. There are skatparks for these types of activities, but, sadly, unicycling is not accepted as as much of a sport as either bmx’ing or skateboarding.

I don’t know of any intentionally rebellious unicyclists, but, then again, I’ve never met any other unicyclists in person.

Why don’t you go “pedal” your hot air someplace else! If you really want to make a positive contribution to society, go help stop REAL crime, like drug dealing, gang viloence and a MILLION other things that matter, rather than hassleing those who are just having clean fun! Btw, what’s your address so we can all go riding our unis on your property! If your post wasn’t so hilarious, I’d be puking right about now! (I’ll just bet this was a joke thread!)

Those are big words for 16 year old.

Our claim shall be property damage and our evidence shall be supported by your very own words. You have convinced be that someone needs to reimburse our firm for the damage.

Oh, property is a… lawfirm dh.


My gut feeling is that “Frank” is an alias for one of our regular posters. I’m not sure there are many people out there that would try to solve a local property destruction issue by going to an international website. Although, it should bring about some interesting comments.

Wow, this guy is realling getting a bad impression from us.

Soon we’re going to be, not unicyclists, but “unithugs”.

If you really want to make a difference, as Terry suggested, try talking to your city counsel about having a park constructed where unicyclists can hop from bench to table, ride down skinnies, and grind rails- in otherwords, a trials/obstacle course.

EDIT: So you’re going to have these young unicyclists (LITTLE PUNKS) pay for a plant bed and a handrail? have the scratches on the handrail caused people to fall down the stairs? What sort of damage was done to the plant bed? I say, if it’s something that can be fixed with some elbow grease, have the kids, sorry, PUNKS, fix it.

Still, you’re the only person I’ve ever seen take something as harmless as unicycling and complain about it all over a forum.

And what does ‘TYUASIUYFA’ stand for?

I dont think that (the stfu) was directed at you (since it was quoted at drumscorpfan). not sure though.

Before you contact authorites, have you asked the PUNK unicyclers to leave, or explain to them what you do not like about their behavoir?

Why come and bitch on this site when everybody on this forum is probably 100 miles from where you are? It make ABSOLUTELY NO F-ING SENCE!. Go talk to the little rascals and tell them not to do it anymore. If this does not work, call the cops. But do not come here to complain about this. :thinking: . Unicyclist do not make too much damage. There may be a few rubber mark here and there, and an occasional skuff, it is not worth getting sand in you vagina.

Frank, what you have is a local problem that, frankly, does not concern the rest of us. Yeah, some unicyclists are little punks, and the responses here already of some of our members bear that out. Most of them though will grow up. You want to judge unicyclists by their actions, that’s fine. You probably do the same with other groups of people as well, and there’s not much we can do about that.

But please don’t come here and start throwing threats around right from the get go.

You have my sympathy. I am a homeowner too.

But you don’t have my support. I have yet to go on any rap newsgroups moaning about the kids who keep us up with their music blaring on summer nights let alone threatening action among hundreds of individuals where perhaps one or two, if they even post here, are directly involved.

If your property is repeatedly being damaged, take your video to the police and leave the rest of us out of it.

For a “Lawyer” his grammer doesn’t seem to fit with his “education” level.

I don’t participate in, nor do I condone trespassing and/or damaging private property. Just for the record, I ride mostly muni on PUBLIC trails, and respect the terrain. When I ride street stuff, I ride at the local public park(s) or other public places. I have never caused any damage to public property, such as poor liitle picnic tables, which have had their share of normal wear and tear, and riding off the top of one or hopping up to one has not left behind any noticeable scars.

I’m also curious as to what kind of property you are talking about. I think it is pretty cool though that you guys are actualy trying to talk to us and convey a motion of understanding rather than just kicking people out and yelling at them, that really gets my respect. Perhaps you should address the riders directly though as they might not understand what they are doing. I know that in the past I have messed up some wooden benches with pinned pedals but that is part of why I now ride with the pins removed from one side of the pedal. This is something you may want to try suggesting to these riders and I bet if you made suggestions like that they would probably think it is pretty cool that you are showing that you knwo something about it and that you are showing some interest. I would sure be pretty astounded if someone came up to me and said could you please not do that with pinned pedals, if you were to just take out the pins it wouldn’t do any damage and it would also help your grinds.

I have to admit that at times I have felt like acting like a little punk and other times as a repectful citizen towards people in authority and the people that I treat with the most respect are the people that actualy come and talk to me rather than get angry with me and kick me out instantly. I remember one of my most pleasurable times getting kicked out of a place the security guard came up to me and said, hey thats pretty cool what you are doing, I sure wish I could do that, he then mentioned something along the lines of but please don’t do that here, basically we had a nice conversation in which he also mentioned that we should leave but he wasn’t pushy. It was obvious that we should get out and not ride there anymore but I wasn’t angry and because I had taken the time to actualy talk to the guy I actualy think more about what might damage the property and the like when I go there. It doesn’t stop me from returning but it does make me think about what I am doing there and at places where people have shown me less respect I follow suit and show less respect when I return.

This being said, I’m sure not everyone will act the same way but respect is something that can be earned pretty easily and will go alot farther than stern warnings.

I’m glad to see though that you are actualy looking into the cause or the root of the issue and trying to communicate as opposed to just getting angry with people, that shows alot of inteligence. Unfortunatly I don’t know if that will be completely reflected in some of the responses you recieve here and hopefully they don’t put you off trying to find peaceful resolutions to your problems.

i was on your side see the quote in my post. But now im not your dumb what are you the janitor at the law firm

hes not real

ya i was thinking that. i mean how would he know this site (maybe a search, but still)

what is white text like a code he dosint know

I will say that I misread the original post. My bad! I thought this person was simply bashing people who who ride unis in public areas, and was trying to be the “unicycle police”. :astonished: If his private property was indeed vandalized than I can understand his anger.

Those property owners are all the same, complaining about others walking on their precious ground and sitting on their precious benches.

I wish they had a public internet forum so I could give them a piece of my mind.

That may be true but if he really exists (not a joke) then he is still stupid for whining about a couple riders to about every unicyclist online.

If there was a trials biker doing lines on my property (I don’t personally have property, but go along with it) then I would not try to find bike forums online and complain to random people.