little problem please help

I bought a devil a couple months ago and I haven’t used it lately because i’m in the middle of my cross country season, and the bearings and spacers move around. I dont think its a real big problem but i just wanted to make sure before i break somthing. The spacers were loose when i first got it and the cranks are tight. i am not good at fixing things so i dont know what to do.
her is a link to a picture i made

We have a devil @ my work as well that had the same issue. It has since stopped, but it did click around for a good month or so of riding everyday.

this happened to a friend of mine. Just call renegade juggling(assuming you ordered from them) and they will take care of it.

is it a problem like will something break? its just annoying when it makes a sound any time i hop or drop the unicycle

you are short a spacer, it could cause a problem, idk. the worst i can foresee hapening is a little bit more frame flex, but again im not that sure

You should have gone KH wouldnt have had that problem :smiley:

I would flip a coin next time to choose either a Torker or KH. :wink:

Just get another spacer. I had a problem with my KH 06 when I got it so I removed all the spacers and cut down a seat post tube to the right size and made my own spacer.
Works like a charm. :smiley: