little help on buying a new uni

nimbus 20 inch trials----or---- Qu-Ax cross unicycle. i have been
saving for a while and now i come to see that i have enought money for
the Qu-Ax also… which one is better… ill be using it for some
trials riding and maby some muni. Thx

L. Ting

the nimbus with the profile hub or the other one?

Where are you? UDC US hasn’t had the cross Qu-Ax for quite a while. They still have it in the UK though.

The nimbus w/ the rounded crown frame is a tiny bit lighter but harder to do feet on frame tricks.

Unless you’re talking about that orange Nimbus both of those unis have cotterless hubs and you’ll eventually bend the cranks and break the hub, even faster if you do drops much over a foot. They may last a bit longer if you are verry light.

My oppinion? Continue to save your money for a Nimbus Hopley, Onza, Koxx One, or KH

Edit: if you live in Europe I’d add the alluminum Qu-Ax to that list

Here is a review of the cross. Hopefully it can help in your choice.