little help on buying a new uni

nimbus 20 inch trials----or---- Qu-Ax cross unicycle. i have been saving for a while and now i come to see that i have enought money for the Qu-Ax also… which one is better… ill be using it for some trials riding and maby some muni. Thx



why? the qu-ax

splined hubs, all-around better made…

you get it… it’s more quality.

get that there qu-ax.

but if you’re going to get seriously into MUNI more than trials, i’d go for the 24" version, the model 1401.

The Qu-Ax Cross has a square taper hub. You should probably buy the Qu-Ax trials, which has a splined hub and crank set. There have been a bunch of threads about why one is better than the other; do some searches.

Yeah… if your planning to do alot of trials the Qu-ax with the splined hub is the way to go, it’s more expensive but in the long run worth it (less broken parts). as always if you can save up 500 (canadian) dollars go for the KH 2005. but i have heard that the Qu-ax with the splinded hub is good for up too 5 foot drops, no personal experence with either but yes… totally save a little bit longer and get the Qu-ax

hey guys… i cant afford the Qu-Ax… i earn 15$ american a week… i have been saving all summer and i still dont have enough, i cant afford the Qu-Ax with the spling hub and crank
i wish i could
my birthday is comming up on October 10th and i might get enough money to buy it. I currently have 140$ american

60 more buckeroos!!

I know this sucks to hear, but you really probably should wait. My bent up piece of crap nimbus sitting in my basement can tell you that. I was really bad at trials at the time and it only lasted for about 3 weeks before becoming badly bent.

If you do get a square tapered hub, remember that it’s probably best only to jump up things with them, and dismount and walk back down.

ive been saving all year long! and i only have 140 bucks… i cant wait much longer!!!

what about the united trials uni or the-
the light duty trials

thanks for the help…


by the way…

im really getting into urban trials more that muni


I got the nimbus for my birthday a couple days ago and it seems nice, the tire it bigger than it looks, which can be good for starting in Muni depending on how hardcore you want to get into trials it would probably be a good idea to get the Qu-ax, but the nimbus is still a good buy despite the striping of the cranks in my opinion.

yes that is true
but i need this uni to last a long time… u see, it takes me a whole year to earn 200$…and i really need to get the best uni for the money

what about the united 20" or the bedford light duty

You could look for a good used splined hub unicycle. I just saw a nice summit trials go on ebay for 215.00.

There’s jack squat up there right now, but you could occasionally check there. The trading post often has good splined hub unis that may be in your price range. If I were you, thats what I’d do.

All this macho stuff about breaking unicycles with big drops.

There’s a street performer who performs regularly in Nottingham. Part of his act is to jump as high as he possibly can and land barefoot on a bed of nails. I have never seen him hurt himself yet. I don’t think it’s because he has Kevlar feet.

I’ve watched closely. As his feet land, he bends his legs and then bends his body, gradually absorbing the impact of his landing. The maximum force on the soles of his feet is never enough for the nails to break the skin of his soles. Surely the ideal trials rider would do something similar.

If you owned nothing else apart from your unicycle, you would still control more resources (in terms of materials, energy and labour) than most people who have ever lived. All that aluminium alloy, all that steel, rubber, polymers, sometimes even titanium… surely it’s worth looking after.

If you miss the target, do you practise your aim or buy a better bow?

how do u find good unicycles on ebay?
all i can find is torker Lx’s and junky begginner unicycles
i cant find any other unis

very clever… thx for the ideas

Basically just search unicycle on ebay and hope for the best. Sometimes there are a couple good unis up there, sometimes there’s not. Just keep watching.