Little Annie Rd. / Sunday ride

My Sunday ride took me to a destination about 15 km from my house. We had received fresh snow again last night, so I waited till around noon to get on the GB4 36er, in hopes the roads would be better. The ride starts out downhill, from my house it’s either up or down to start, and proceeds to the valley floor. From there, it was 11km of nice peaceful spinnin up the Castle Creek Valley. The Aspen Highlands ski area seperates the two major drainages between the one where I live and the one I rode today. Slow, smooth spinnin up a gentle grade led to the first magnificent view of the first 4,267 meter peak that I would see. The days weather was broken clouds, with a moderate wind of around 9 m/s. It was one of those rides that for some crazy reason, the winds were ALWAYS blowing in my face, better training I guess. The mtn peaks were coming in and out of clouds as the sun would momentarily bring a shot of warmth to the body. As I spun my way deeper into the valley, the mountsides would close in on me. At one point I cross the river, with its crystal clear Rocky Mtn water pocking out every so often in between the big snow pillows covering the rocks in the river. Stretches of ice covering the road would appear, mostly when the slopes of the canyon covered the sun from shining on through. Very little traffic, Sundays are great for riding because of minimal traffic. AFter about 7 km of peaceful riding, the pitch of the road changes dramatically. A major tributary to the Castle Creek, Conundrum Creek, enters from the west and the road turns left. About 155 meters of vertical climbing with switchbacks in 2 km of distance, I am treated to some incredible views of the ElkHead mtn range. This ridge that becomes very pronounced is the extension from the Aspen Highlands Ski Area. Many avalanche chutes become visible, and the skiing looks awesome up there. I can spot some tiny bodies hiking the ridge 1200 meters above where I am riding in the valley. My heartrate increases, my breathing increases as I try to maintain my 14.5 km/hr pace up this short but steep climb. It flattens out and I can once again enjoy the view. I make it to my turn around point, Little Annie Rd, fall flat on my ass when I dismount, and take a couple of pictures. The ride back was very nice, as most of it was downhill. Many friends pass me on their way down in their cars and honk. They had spent the day back country skiing further up Castle Creek. Lots of signs of wildlife, and a few birds making song as well. Cokering is all that i can do these days, as there is still over a meter of snow in my yard and 3 meters on the mountain. The Utah desert is calling my name. Hope you all had a great sunday uni’ing, I sure did. Cheers.:slight_smile:

No standard measurements for you, huh? :wink: As always, a wonderful write-up about a wonderful sounding ride. I appreciate it!

That was a nice read =p

I wish i had some snow to ride around here though, all i got are some patches of ice here and there, but i tear it up on those like there is no tomorrow! or would i be slipping it up? either way the traction from wheel to ground is very minimal lol

ok, here goes: 15km = 9.3 mile, 11km = 6.8 miles, 4267 meters = 14,000’ (big mountains), 9m/s = 20.1 mph, 7 km = 4.35 miles , 2 km = 1.2 miles & 155 meters = 508’ vertical rise, 1200 meters = 3937’ , 14. km/hr = 9 mph.
Sorry, I usually post both so everyone can understand the statistics. Thanks for reading it.

It’s always exciting to ride through an avalanche zone, pic attached.

Aww, mike. I was just giving you a hard time! I didnt actually mean for you to convert all of it. Thanks though! :o

I know, I usually put in both, maybe it was the valium that made me forget to do both.