Little adventure in the Canadian Rockies

Amazing! I’ve been planning to do some longer journey at some point as well on my 36er. This kind of posts sure do help when choosing necessary equipment, so thanks a lot!

Nice work, esp in the snow by yourself, glad it worked out :slight_smile:

So where are you riding next?

Great adventure and write up thanks for sharing and good luck on future trips.

:astonished: Soooo cool! Great trip report! Thx for sharing.

Fantastic Trip! Thanks!

An’So - what a fantastic trip and I’m really happy it worked - congrats!!

AnSo great ride! Contratulations.
I would like to have such setup for my rides. And I’m waiting for the stuff list.
If you would plan to go into some higher mountains what would you change?

Awesome ride, great job!

Great trip, and great report!

Thanks all, glad you liked the report.
I really tried to include details I was/am looking for when I was/am preparing my own trip, especially about the gear.

I’m not sure what you’re after. Are you talking about the same conditions on the road, or more like Muni style? What makes you think I would need more for higher mountains (I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m trying to give the best answer), because it’s colder? because there is more snow?..

Anso, I was more about the unicycle prepared for more climbing, still on the road, so maybe longer cranks or smaller wheel?

It’s true that because of the heavy backpack, you kind of need more leverage than usual. But I was already able to do quite a lot with the 137mm holes.
I also had the 165mm holes available if needed. So i really think it would have been enough. I don’t think I would have gone with a smaller wheel.

But someone else was riding this route during the summer (he rode most of it, unlike me) and was using a 36" with 125/150mm cranks. And had to switch to a smaller wheel for the steepest sections. I don’t know if it’s because of his set-up, or a bit less experience…

Anyway, for myself, I would not change much of my set-up


Hey An’so,

I’ve done six long uni tours, some in wild places, but really nothing compares (in terms of daring) to something like this because 1) you’re alone, 2) you’re in snowy climate, 3) you’re totally self-supported, 4) you’re camping!

Next to you, I’m a big baby!

Great write-up, beautiful photos, and great riding!


Thanks, John. Sometimes pushing yourself brings the best memories (but it’s not always super fun when you’re doing it)

I’ll let you guys know what’s next soon… it’s coming way to soon by the way…

Finally here is my list, some elements are redundant, but that’s exactly why I wanted to do the trip, to define my list better.

Another 2 things things that I forgot and that proved themselves to be really useful: straps (that were given to me at the bike shop in Jasper). One was used for the brake at stops so the wheel don’t move forward or backward (thanks unipilot69 for the idea). The other one was used to maintain the water bottle in the cage because otherwise, when the unicycle fails, the water bottler has a tendency to be projected forwards.

I also really recommend to check out Gen Shimizu’s gear list:





Surely true adventure. I have enjoyed the ride with my friends and it was awesome experience very hard to explain. hope I have some more adventurous outings in coming time :):slight_smile:

Anybody out there with some adventurous stuff to share?