litte help?

can you give me tips on how to learn to idle and how to hop, now i have a old old 29 inch oxford, but soon im getting a 24 inch schwinn with kenda kenetic and nice pedels

I assume you haven’t tried to hop before?

When I tried hopping first I looked at it like riding. I balanced on something solid, stood up, grabbed under my seat, and began to hop with one hand holding a post and the other holding the seat. From there I just learned to do it without holding anything. If you are going for a no seated hop, just hold a post, slip the seat out from under you, grab the seat with the other hand, and start hopping (keep in mind this is the way I did it, and it probably isn’t the best)

On the idling aspect, I can’t help you. I’m still learning that myself!

thanks and good luck with the idle

If you can’t freemount, practicing hopping is pretty useless.
That said, simply freemount into a standstill and then hop.

The difficult part will be keeping the pressure on your feet even.
If you hop forward, this will be easier because it gives you momentum to counter-act. Put more pressure on the back foot for take-offs and landing.
Kindof - you’ll see what I mean.

This is also they way i did it, and i found it worked very well, once i was able to hop i tried hopping about and then trying to ride out, finally once i could ride out then i just learnt to ride stop pedals level and hop, it dosnt take long at all.

idling im still getting smoother at and it seemed to take me quite a while, but i find being able to ride backwards help ALOT and i would recommend learning this first as you can then regain your balance by riding out either way hen you start to fall. ( i dont know if that made any sense) it was beneficial for me to be able to hop to regain my balance and then try and idle again, rather than attempt to idle ,fall off, attept ,fall off, etc…

Hopping is easier than it looks. Be confident when you hop. Only use one hand to grab the front of the seat. (I learned by using one hand to hold the back and one to hold the front, and now i am trying to unlearn that).

Idling is possibly the most important skill behind riding forwards and freemounting, in my opinion. I dont know how to teach you to do it, except that there are tons of videos in the gallery that show people doing it. This will just ensure you that you are practicing the right form. Other than that, just choose whichever foot feels most comfortable and start practicing. dont rush it either, it shouldn’t be short and jerky. smooth and flowing, back and forth, back and forth :slight_smile:


Yeah hoping is easier than it looks, I thought it would be hard, but now I can do it. If you can ride then stop with your pedals both at the same height and then ride off again thats good. Do that for a little, then try and stand up on the pedals. Then maybe work on holding the set and jumping up, from there just keep jumping and adjust by hoping around.

hope that helps,



I never think something is hard because then it gets harder.I learned both, hopping an idling, first, holding on the wall and always took my hand of the wall for a short time. I learned hopping on place for 30 secs. in 2 days, idling took me about half a week.

thanks everyone:D