Listing/leaning to the Left when riding "CURED"

Many people here have mentioned this same problem of leaning to left of seat when riding and I have posted before what I thought contributed to this problem, as I noticed in this past thread: Listing to the left on coker
Most of the people that have had this issue are older, I believe it is caused by long term habits such as carrying your wallet in your right pocket and when you sit on it over the years your hip will sit crooked (for lack of a better word) this was brought ot my attention a while back when I went to a Chiropractor and he showed me how I favored my right, like when I stand and put more weight on, and when I sit I lean to my right, most things I do I have a habit of favoring my right side. So for the last 3-4 weeks I have been making an effort to change this and carry my wallet in left pocket, standing with weight on left leg, when driving I place a small book under the left side of my arse and even attempting to sleep on my left side, and NOW, NO MORE LISTING to the LEFT when I ride, actually I felt like I was listing to the right side on this mornings ride

Cool approach to this problem. Thanks for the info.

How would this apply to women, handbags (shoulder bags/purses) and shoulders?



For woman, i think it would be with handbags and purses, maybe necklaces and types of jewlery.

It seems like it would work, cause many ppl are either dominate with one side of there body, always rather use their right hand to hold something unsted of the left, lean on this side not the other, so training your body to be used to using both sides is great =p

Good thing i never had to worry about this cause i never leaned to one sidewithout wanting to, well except when i was very first learning, but the was very quickly corrected

Give it time. By the time your 40 you can develop all types of bad habits :roll_eyes:

wow. i never thought about it that way. Thanks guys.

I’ve had the same problem, listing to the left and I had the same thought that throughout my life I’ve been strongly right side dominant. I’ve been trying to cure it using unitherapy. That is, I’ve been making a concerted effort to stay out of my ‘right-side-comfort-zone’ and learn to do as many things ‘lefty’ as I can. I try to mount with my left foot back. I’m trying to practice my idling left foot down. It seems that my turns were always initiated with a hard jamb down with my right foot, regardless of turn direction, so I’m concentrating on jambing down hard with my left foot instead. It’s still not natural but, I’m sticking with my unitherapy program and it’s definitely helped. I’m riding much straighter and more confidently. When I end up in a situation where I need to power out of something with my left foot, I can do it more readily and what used to alway end up in a UPD now rarely does.

Hmmm… I never had the listing problem really (until now, trying to ride backwards I vere to my right)… but maybe it’s 'cause I usually have my wallet in my cargo front pockets… Makes sitting in the car for hours on end more comfortable (I used to drive a lot) and it makes sitting in class for hours on end more comfortable (I sit in class a lot). :smiley: