"listing" I found out why! (in my case anyway)

Not my loaner 29er, not my loaner coker, not my muni. They ALL ride smooth and straight with no “listing”, or pulling to one side. That said, I was perplexed as to WHY I was listing HARD to the right on my brand new radial deluxe! I thought it could just be that it new and I need to “get used to it”, or maybe play around with the saddle adjustment…nothing helped.

Then I noticed what must be the reason; The wheel is very OFF center with the frame! :astonished: I tried loosening the bearing caps and held the wheel in the center while I re-tightened them. Didn’t work. I tried flipping the whel around, but to no avail. Either the frame is not even, or the WHEEL was built off center, and I think it’s the wheel!

Is there anything I can do to center the wheel, because it spins true enough, but I think the AXLE is slightly high on one side causing the wheel to be off center, and causing ME to constantly “correct” in order to stay on a straight line. It’s virtually UNrideable like this!

An older post on the “listing” problem mentioned that if you try riding other unis and still have the same problem (which I don’t) then it’s you. If you try other unis and you DON’T list, then it’s the uni! Help me if you can! Thanks


my schwin is like this. it is a whole 1/4 inch off. But on mine the frame crooked. BUt i have sort of got used to it but sometimes it affects me. (also haveing a mackshift peg for a peddle doesn’t help)

Terry, Try shimming the side with the wheel farthest from the frame. Take a small piece of beer, I mean, soda can and slip it on top of the bearing in the holder. This will put the wheel to the center, may take two or three layers. My first KH was shimmed this way when I got it.

Also, could have been some of your paint that changed the fit. Shimming or scraping paint off the other side will have same effect.

Terry, try letting some air out of the tire to see if it will correct your listing problem. I find with my Coker that if my tire is on the higher pressure end that I have listing problems also. One last thing to try is turning the saddle around 180 degrees and riding it to see if you start listing to the other side. Don’t ride for too long or you’ll unscrew your pedals.

Aw man, and that was your new uni too, wasn’t it! :astonished:

It would be horrible to have a soda can as part of your uni, can you still send it back or have you changed it too much?

No it’s not the air pressure. Like I said I tried 3 other cokers, a 29er and all THREE of my munis, all with different psi’s and none of them “list”. It has to be that the wheel is simply off center, and BIG TIME! I’ll try that shimming idea.

If the frame is too long on one side, turning the axle around will still show the lean to the same side. If the wheel is built wrong, turning the axle around will show the lean to the opposite side.

My KH24 came with a thick plastic shim on one side, right on top of the bearing.

I’m willing to bet your spokes are drilled off center on the rim, thats how mine are and my wheel looks like yours in the radial frame. I have my seat turned to the left a little to compensate haha. It makes riding on the right side of the road a pain for me though. On the left however it counteracts the crown of the road and theres smooth sailing.

I got my radial used for $130 (including shipping) though so I can’t really complain.

Check if the bearings are tight against the hub and symmetrical relative to the hub.

If they are, check if the rim is centered relative to the bearings. This might be a bit tricky to do on a Coker wheel, because standard dishing tools aren’t large enough to reach the rim. One way to tell would be to flip the wheel in the frame; if the error moves to the other side when you do that, the wheel is improperly dished. You can fix dish errors by tightening all the spokes on the side of the wheel away from the error (pulling the rim in the direction you want it to go).

If the error stays on the same side when you flip the wheel in the frame, you’ve got either a bent or out-of-spec frame or bearing holders. A shim, as suggested, might get you by on that one, or you might be able to get the frame “cold-set” (frame-maker code for “bent”) to be straight.

I tried Jim’s shim idea; it took FOUR pepsi alum strips to get it centered, or at least very close to centered. The strips are quite thin, so maybe 4 isn’t that much. It could very well be the frame, because Amy said the radial frame has to be “bent” out to accomodate the wide hub!

Terry, do me a favor and make sure your spoke holes were drilled correctly. On my rim, the left most spokes are closer to the edge then the right most spokes. My spoke holes were drilled offset to the left by a couple millimeters, just make sure your’s isn’t the same.

You can try another material thats thicker, Don’t be worried about the thickness of the shim, you can fit a lot in there before you start to raise the lip above the bearing.

I checked teh spokes and they all appear to be symmetrical. I think though that one one side, the spokes were tightened more, causing this problem which seems to be that the hub/axle is higher on one side, making shimming necessary to level it out and center the wheel to the frame. I emailed John and Amy, and hoefully they will ultimately fix this problem. Btw, the painting would have nothing to do with this alignment problem, plus no paint whatsoever was applied to the underside of the bearing caps.

Another “btw”. I would think it a normal expectation (especially on an airfoil wheel build by Kovachi) that the wheel on your newly arrived Coker or any higher end uni, would be to have a wheel that is true and centered. Is this a fair expectation? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

If the problem is the wheel dish, as you describe, you’re best just fixing it yourself; it’ll take 10 minutes. It should be fixed by tightening spokes, not by shimming the bearings.

Ok, my wheel is a bit off-centre too.
I just thought that this was ‘normal’ and it was all good.
I can still ride mine and i dont see it as any great problem???
It isnt too evident in the photo, it looks a bit worse in real life…
Should i live with it as i dont think it has too much alteration on my riding, or could i have changed my riding without really knowing to compensate for this?


Mill_Mobile, if you are off center its very minimal because from that picture I certainly can’t tell. If you aren’t having trouble riding I’d say you are fine.

Mine was the exact same way. When I took the wheel off to put new cranks on I was especially careful to tighten each of those nuts at the bottom of the frame evenly…checking every so often to make sure it was going on center. Now it’s perfectly center. Try taking it off and adjusting those nuts.

Also…the slightly off-center wheel like that most likely isn’t the cause of your “listing”

It wasn’t “slightly” off-center; it was waaaay off-center! And since shimming, and then riding it “listing-free” for 25 miles today-I’d say that it was definitely the cause of the listing!:smiley:

So did you try flipping the wheel around as others suggested to find out whether it’s the frame or the wheel? If it’s the wheel, you should fix that instead of shimming the frame.

It was in his first post. lol