listening to iPod whilst riding uni...ear phones jerk out :S

When listening to my iPod while doing rolling unispins or whatever, some part of my body always manages to hit the cord out of my ears and its a terrible feeling, so i can’t listen to music freely.

Putting the cord through my shirt, beleive me still did not work. A solution i wonder if it would work is purchasing an armband that holds the iPod but I don’t know where abouts the cord dangles around…

Any suggestions?

Tape the cord to your body with just enough slack to let the ipod sit comfortably in your pocket and ride that way… lol

yeah selotape works lol, never thought of that.

tape your ipod firmly to the top of your helmet and drag the earphones through a hole in it and leave all the wire slack in your helmet with tape. its worth a shot? i mean youd never hit the very top of your head so the ipod should be safe :smiley:

until the tape fails and the iPod falls off. Then its not so good.

that’s when you get one of THESE

hmm, thats cool.

yeah when the current helmet I have dies I might buy that one lol it would give me a reason to wear my helmet whenever I uni and I don’t think the headphones would pull out of my ears.

you can try this i guess wrap them around your ears first like this,

or my way get these but u cant wear a hemlet.

Blue Tooth Earphone.

Many mobile phones that have the capability of playing MP3s also have bluetooth headphones so that you can put you cell phone down on a bench or nearby car and hear a conversation or music within a 10 meter range!


I’ve got a pair of these

So I play all of my music through my phone and don’t have to mess about with any cables. But if I want a change I use a pair of standard DJ headphones a little bit like these

They fit perfectly under my helmet, but I have customised the helmet to fit my head due to having dreads. So I’m not sure a normal helmet would alloy them to fit or not. The helmets I use are BMX helmets, so I don’t know whether that makes a difference as well.

I put my cord in my shirt all the time, how does it not help?

Wireless headset? Duct tape you ears? New ear buds?

The cord’s is not long enough?

I’m old. My solution used to be a boombox. Same music source could be used by everybody, but not everybody always wanted to hear the same thing…

Make sure the cord isn’t too long/hanging out of pocket or shirt’s neck…

Sometimes I will also adjust the cord so it goes in my shirt up my back and out of the shirt along the back of my neck.

Get an arm band for the ipod and wrap the cord around the pocket the ipod goes into to take out the slack. Feed the rest through your sleeve and up to your neck. If you do this, there isn’t much that it can catch on to. It works for me, but I don’t do unispins.

i used to use these, but i broke them (had them for 3 years or 4 years or so) great sound quality, it’s bang & olufsen… only minus is the price, but i think it’s been reduced a lot since i bought them! :roll_eyes: try to see if you find any on ebay or so, it really is worth it!

Putting it through my shirt ripped it out anyway, but if I fiddle around with it more I could get something working. If not I like the idea of an arm band thing and threading the cord through the arm/back.

I’m young and prefer having a radio on over my ipod, even if it means I have to deal with a song I don’t like every once in a while. I just use my ipod when I’m away from my house.

I put the cord through my shirt and then have my ipod in my back pocket. I make sure there is some slack in the line and then put all the excess in my back pocket along with the ipod.