List of MUni Weekends close to you (me)

I really envy those of you who have travelled to these MUni weekends. I want to go reeeeal bad. But job, family obligations and ltd. $$ all conspire against me. I’ve poked around some and see a good one coming up this summer in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Could we get an informal, centralized list going right here (where everyone is looking anyway)? Just to get our brains working on plans.

Hopefully some opportunities in E. TN or Georgia? They’ve got some excellent mountain trails.

My own nameless MUni Weekends all alone:(. Without any uniing friends:(. Sometimes some biker’s join me but only if I’m at the DH track.:frowning:

Cry I’m all alone here.:frowning:

I’m with Joona…
I mean, I’m not with Joona, if I was then he wouldn’t be in that situation. And neither would I. I mean, there aren’t any MUni Weekend’s around here. I think the South Dakota one is going to be the closest, but I’m also going to try to make the California Weekend next year.

Same here, although i have converted two friends and we are trying to get into muni without the proper equipment, the main problem is security, around here roads that might be good are not very safe, i was told that the only route we have tried (once) was were a couple of bikers were left with literally nothing, a week ago…

and here…sigh:(

I’m going to Black Hills! Ha ha ha! Weee! Fun! Hah hah… uh ha ha… uh… hmmm…

Geeez, You don’t need to make us feel worse. :frowning:
Except that I’m also going to Black Hills (most likely)!! Whoohoo!!!
And California Weekend next year (most likely)!!! YEAH!!!

Maybe I was too vague. Let me put it clearly.

I was really hoping Chirokid would see this thread and get all inspired.

Or that fledgeling Atlanta Unicycle Club…

Side Note 1
To the Lone Uniers out there: Have faith. Our experience here in Memphis suggests that if you stay at it and, most importantly, stay visible, uniers (future MUniers) will present themselves. Hit the trails, ride in parades, get in the newspaper/TV…

One becomes two then four then eight then twenty…

Side Note 2
Black Hills sound pretty good.

Side Note 3
Smokey Mountain MUni Weekend benefits:
Stunning vistas, trails of variable difficulty, southern hospitality not a myth, great food, most beautiful girls in US (IMHO), Dollywood close by, our Bears are smaller and shy, 6 - 8 hours drive from Memphis…

Memphis Mud

If you want a local (thus cheap and affordable) event, put one together yourself! Sounds like you know some good areas. Planning an event, if done carefuly, would take time, but not much money.

Do yourself and the MUni community a favor and plan a spring event! With your warm southern weather, you could start us off with an early spring, winter is over celebration.


I am willing to help set up some sort of weekend like this. Just like you I would love to be able to participate in one of these weekends.

Here are my limiting factors. Time. I currently am running 2 businesses. The first is a retail/internet that takes 40 hours a week minimum. The second I just started and is a service company. It can take from 5-15 hours a week. The spring will be the busiest time for me. I don’t know what kind of tim it took John Foss to set up his weekend, but if I had help I might be able to do something here in Atlanta.

The second limiting factor is my ability to ride. I have only been riding about 8 months, and only consistently for about 4-5 of those. I am not like these teenagers who can invest 5 hours a day to practice and have crazy skills in 6 months. I can ride, but haven’t a lot of offroad experience quite yet. I plan on riding a lot more during the next few months, so my skills should allow me to do some Muni. But as far as leading on the trails forget it. The good thing is I do have some younger guys here in Atlanta(Drummonds Kids and Employees) that do have the skills and do know were to ride. So maybe with my help I could motivate them to get something organized. I will talk to John D and see if we can work something out.

I would like to see this come together, but I would need a lot of help from others and advice from those who have done it. Chad

Memphis TN+MUni Weekend=Good Idea.

Someone should spearhead this idea Post-Haste. If you shot for a warmer weather month like April or May then you would have PLENTY of time to organize everything from trails to food to lodging.

Plus, This is actually fairly centralized that many people would come, espically those who can’t make it all the way over to Cali.

Well, there is this MTB-meeting next summer. There’s also a MUni-meet, next summer is the second time. Last summer I didn’t know of it. I had just started uniing. There were 5 people if I remember correctly. Two of these were also participating on the MTB-part so not too much uniing for them. I’ll be there next summer.

Time, time, time, that is all I need, some more time, time, time! Thanks for the kind words Memphis Mud. I too would love a Southeastern Muni Weekend.
Great Smoky Mountain rides are out. The park will not allow bikes (I know, we’re not bikes) on the trails. There are several trails in local state parks that do allow unicycles, I just need to snoop them out and see what can be put together.
I do have several ideas for very fun days, competitions, etc.
But again, I just don’t have time to organize it at this time. Work, plus we are building an addition on to our home right now.
An Atlanta Muni Weekend, or Nashville Muni weekend sounds great too me! Read that, I’m passing the buck… for now ;). --chirokid–

All you need to do is come to visit us in Brisbane, Australia. There’ll be the Weekend of Australian MUni here early next year!


Now… I’m not a mapologist… But I don’t think i would find a person who would say that Austrailia is close to… say… Southeastern United States…

The shortest route would be to bore a hole thru the center of the earth… Tough job. After I win the soon-to-be Tennessee Lottery, I’ll be travelling to ALL of the MUni and Uni events worldwide.

I wouldn’t so much mind putting on a MUni weekend here in Memphis. We’ve got a great club (source of nec. energy and enthusiasm). But the point of this thread is I want to ride with you folks and I want to ride somewhere else, but just not 1000s of miles away. Besides, we have some hilly trails here, but nothing like a mountainous terrain. Heck, we’re on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi. The bottom of one of the largest valleys on the planet. The Black Hills are just miles away from the Coninental Divide (the ridge that flows towards me). The Appilatian Mts are the other ridge. The longest “Downieville (sp?) Downhill” in the immediate viscinity would last 3 or 4 minutes.

We do have the best BBQ Pork restaurants.

And Graceland.

Hey man, not sure if you missed this thread, but in three weeks there’s gonna be a muni weekend of sorts in Richmond, VA, which is less than 1000 miles away, but not by much. It’s basicly just gonna be the HoW gang, Checkernuts, and anyone else who wants to come, riding around Belle Isle. Not sure if you’re into trials, but we’ll probably be doing that too (if you’re not into trials, I’d be willing to forego it myself in favor of more trail riding).

Seeing as how I now live 20 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway, I SHOULD be going out that way looking for actual MOUNTAIN trails more often than I do. There must be tons of crazy trails in Appalachia just waiting to be munied on. As soon as I find something good, I’ll try and plan a muni weekend out there, which would be a lot closer to you guys, and not that much farther from us (HoW gang).


I sent this reply last week via rsu, but it wasn’t posted.


Count us in. One of George Peck’s more interesting quotes is “Downhill sucks,” but I respectfully disagree. Uphill is okay for a little while, but I love downhill. What’s the closest ski resort to Atlanta that has a lift? That’s where we need to be as soon as the snow melts, probably around April or May. By mid-June it’s too hot and humid.


well there is one in Richmond on the 20th of this month and i am working on a DC Muni Weekend for the Spring