Liquidating old collection of unicycles and parts

This isn’t the most organized sale. There’s too much stuff and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this. Make an offer on a lot of stuff. I’ll sell cheap.

Two complete magura setups. One intact, one not. There’s a bleeding kit and many mounts and misc. Magura stuff. I’ll sell all as a lot.

A pile of bearings of all sizes, shims, and other misc unicycle crap. Make an offer on the lot.

A pile of seats, seat foams, a classic Roach air seat, other air seat stuff, seat ends and other misc. Make an offer on the lot.

The Summit is a brand new un-ridden and de-nubbed. I have a post to make it complete if you need one. This is a classic, bomb proof trials if a bit heavy by today’s standards.

The Holy One is a notable unicycle from years gone by on the forum here. Known once as the UGLY Ugly Update make an offer.

BC wheel make offer. I’ll throw in a couple tires.

2015-08-20 20.24.20.jpg

2015-08-20 20.14.19.jpg

2015-08-20 20.23.26.jpg

Oh and of course the Schwinn Chopper made by the grumpy one Al.

Let’s take a look proper at the Chopper. Sting Ray.

magura brake?

How much for both or just on of the magura brakes. I want them (it) complete with the mounts and ready to put on a uin.

As a previous owner of the UGLY, I endorse this thread.

Roach seat

I’d be interested in the Roach air seat, and a 22.2 post if you’ve got one. Shipping would be to Truckee, CA 96161. Best reachable at e_d_g_1 [at]

email sent. I omitted the underscores, is that correct?

I’m curious about those two hubs in the picture with the seat components (especially the one with cranks) - can you say anything more about what they are?

Also looks like you have one seatpost there with the start of some kind of handle setup - any more specifics?

Not entirely opposed to buying the whole pile from that picture if the price were right.

Raoch Seat

PDC- Thanks. Underscores are actually part of the email address. only the [a] was altered. My bad for an awkward address. Could you resend?

I think the hub with the cranks came on a Joe Rowing Muni I bought second hand. I got a splined hub and built the wheel. It’s a UDC hub. The other is a Suzue which I think came on Miyatas. Both are square tapered. The post is a standard rail attachment with a brake mount.

If they aren’t officially spoken for, I would like one of the rail mounts. : )

All 22.2 posts and the Roach air seat are gone.
Sent you a PM engineer.


2015-08-22 22.23.22.jpg


2015-08-23 11.24.59.jpg

One intact set up and the red set that just needs a new line. There is a box with a bleeding kit and plenty of new lines. There are several mounts as well. I’d take $150 OBO for everything.


Hey Can you list out all the seats and frames you have I might be interested?

I’m resurrecting this old post. I just retired and have time to deal with selling all this stuff.

I just realized this was an old thread. If you still have the rail mount I’m interested. I tried to PM you, but it doesn’t work the same as before. I’ll figure it out.

I do still have it. I tried to message you and I also didn’t figure it out.

Interested in the pile of bearings if you still have them. Not positive what a good offer would be, any suggestions?