Lip on Duro Wildlife Leopard tyre not seating properly on rim

I’m having trouble getting my brand new 26" Duro Wildlife Leopard 3" tyre mounted properly on the rim. Duro tyres have a characteristic ‘extra’ lip on them which is meant to sit on the outside of the rim, but mine won’t sit properly on the rim. On one side of the tyre about half the lip is sitting on the outside where it should and the other half is inside. The other side is even worse. I’ve tried pumping up the tyre to high pressure (55+ PSI) and letting it down, massaging it and this doesn’t fix it. I’ve thought about using a soap solution (like they do when mounting car tyres on rims in tyre shops) but haven’t yet tried it. Anyone had any experience in fixing this problem?

How wide is your rim?

yup, I used a soap solution, inflated to something like 10 or 15 PSI and massaged it into place. I had sore thumbs by the end.

I can’t remember which rim I had trouble with (either Echo or Speedway, I think it was the Echo) but it was fine with the other. Does anyone know if sidewall height is standardized?

Thanks Eric! I’ll give the tyre the soap’n’massage treatment.

I’m using a KH26 rim.

Had zero problem smountig my 26" Duro on the Qu-Ax Rim.
The 20" Crazy Bob for my girlfriends uni had such lip problems. Only thing that helped was to pump it up to over 7 bar (100+ psi) and watch the lip slowly crawl into place.



I don’t think it makes any difference to the overall performance but aesthetically displeasing.

Recently when I remounted the Duro for snow season I was successful getting the outer bead seated by standing on the tire. I did this without shoes on. The tire was only inflated to five psi or so. I laid the wheel down on the ground and put all my weight on the side wall where the outer bead was still tucked under the rim.

Relatively easy, fun and a balance challenge : )


You could use Schwalbe Easy Fit assembly liquid. I allways had problems with tyres from Continental. The machanic at my bike shop allways used assembly liquid and pumped it up till it popped in with a “plopp” noise.

There’s no standard sidewall height. If you look at Stan’s rims. There’s like 5mm of sidewall. I think there’s just a certain point where is makes sens and all companies are different thinking/use of the sidewalls so everyone goes around that point. If it makes any sens…