Links to Moab MUni Fest Pics.

I just want to say that I had a great time with all the attendees at the Moab MUni Fest this year. I don’t know of any people I enjoy being around more than old friends I see and new friends I make each year at the Moab MUni Fest. I know many awesome photos were taken this year, and I to will have many photos to post. I am hoping that attendess who took pictures can email me with the the web address where their photos are posted or simply add to this thread a posting of their Moab MUni Fest photo links. Eitherway, I will add the links to my website as they become know to me. Thanks to all who attended and thanks for making MMF07 a great experience for all.

Rolf Thompson;)

I thought this year was a blast, too. It was great to meet a lot of new riders. In case anyone is wondering, I’ve got about an hour and a half of medium quality video footage. It will be up shortly, or longly, depending on when I catch up on everything I missed this weekend (including sleep).

Well, I hope everyone had an awesome time! Maybe I’ll be there next year. I hope to see plenty of pictures/videos and hear plenty of stories from this one!

Me too :slight_smile: I didn’t go this year partly because I’m still learning (it’s been a slow process), and being low on funds.

Soon I’ll start saving for '08 and other events like maybee Cali Muni Weekend:o

What a blast! My gallery has some photos in it, didn’t take a whole lot due to so much riding, about 35 miles!! Won’t ever miss this event.
By the way, I’ve changed my name from jrdugueod to Munivision.


This place Moab, has such a dreamlike quality to it. The enormity of it stops you in your tracks. Here is Oklahoma Jim immersed in the beauty of southeastern Utah.

Hope to see lot of pic. GO Munivision You rock

im so bummed that i didnt make it out there for the the muni fest…i will be out there on this thursday through saturday though…i couldnt talk my buddies into going out there with me this last weekend.

oh well…i will be there next year.

My (low quality) photos of MMF '07

My pics…

Cool pic, AspenMike. Check out the face on the upper right corner of that buttress.

I just got back! I had a great time! I have a video of you Rolf…falling off that rock drop…maybe Ill post it…hmmm…hehehe. But when I get my pictures on my computer ill give you a link or something.:wink:

Wow, didn’t know the rocks were watching me!!

To Musketman

Actually I did not fall, although it did admittedly look like that. I simply suspended my self in the air for a moment and waited for the earth to come back up under me… it’s pretty simple 2 body physics GM1M2/r^2 kind of stuff but I often try the proceedure just to make sure it still works. :roll_eyes:

Here is a GPS tracking of our return trip from Arches back down Pritchett Canyon to the Colorado River. Click Large and Hybrid, and use the slider on the left to zoom in for some great detail of the trail.

I’ll have some photos posted soon.

Thanks, Allan

I hope to have mine posted, at least in a preliminary form, by the end of the week…

Mine will be in this album:

But the gallery isn’t working very well right now.

Here’s a picture of somebody getting sucked down into a wet slippery pit…

Here is my link :

Especialy geeta how bring me from denver to moab…

And all the other for your welcome…

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Spencer, try to get your moms photos up here. She took alot of shots that weekend and in really good quallity too!

I can’t put any more pictures in my gallery, it goes through the upload process and says they are finished, but then when I go to the album they aren’t there.

Something fishy is going on here…