Link to Bedford products....

As the title suggests, does anyone have a link to Darren Bedford’s pictures of his products?


I’d be interested as well. I think there is some at then search bedford unicycles. But I wanna see some direct pictures (like a finished website).


Here are two links:

They show about 5% of what I have.

If you need something or have any questions about
Bedford Unicycles, send me a e-mail…

info @ bedfordunicycles . ca



Are Bedford Unicycles into sponsoring people?

I sponsor the Bedford Factory Team.

Riders are:

Carl Hoyer, Jeff Goves, Ryan Atkins,
Nick Mandrapolis, and guest riders.

The next 10 unicycle trails shows will be during the Toronto Street Festival July 10-11th.

Looks like the guest rider will be Dan Heaton.