Linear brake on a KH?

So, my new Coker Big One came with a Shimano/Tektro linear pull brake system. Even better, after watching my pal Perry (capuni) install his, I tried and succeeded installing this brake on my Coker. Even better, the thing works great.

So since I like the way this brake works, I was thinking of the same brake on my KH29. Of course, the KH is set up for the (MUCH) more expensive Magura brake.

Has anyone here set up their KH for a linear-pull brake? It’s very possible one of the holes for the Magura mounts may be in the right place, so I was thinking there may be a sleeve to fit the Magura-mounting screw, including the pin holes for the linear brake’s spring attachment.

I found pics of v-brake mounting kits.

Here’s one. If the mounting allen-bolt was the same size as the threaded holes in the KH fork, this would be perfect (I think)

Here’s another. If the loop worked on the (non-round) KH fork, this would work, too.

Any suggestions? Anyone done this? Anyone?

there are mounts that thread into the holes for the maguras on the frame, just search the forum, they’ve been posted several times. or you could go w/ these: they are one of my favorite designs that i’ve seen.

The trilesin ones work


The trialsin ones in the link above are the adapter that I had on my KH that you rode downn in sunny Florida. 8de5ef3c6b7a06136cf


Why not go caliper?

I just got the odyssey 1999 for $20 from Harris Cyclery. It JUST fits on my Nimbus36er.

It’s pretty simple to drill a 1/4 hole in your frame to mount.

In my (bike) experience, caliper brakes often don’t return to center after they’re applied. Does this happen to yours?

Also, I’m not anxious to drill a hole in my KH29.

Looks better than these.

Where did you see those?

There’s really no reason not to go with V-style brakes on the 29er. The impetus behind using maggies on unicycles comes from the fact that linear pull brakes won’t fit on unis with fat, 3" tires. On 29ers, because there aren’t any tires that fat (drat!), a linear pull would work fine. I considered replacing my maguras on my KH29 (because they were leaking) with some linear pulls, but the $36 for an adapter and another $20+ for a used brake/lever made it just as cheap to replace the lines on both my maguras with the braided steel lines. I’m also crossing my fingers that eventually someone will market a truly fat 29er tire, one so big that it won’t fit with a V-brake.

I found that with the big apple 29x2.35 it was always a bit marginal, the top wire runs very close to the tyre.

Personally I’ve moved to maguras on my 29er. I smacked my v-brake and broke the wiggly cable bit on the brake and couldn’t be arsed to fix it. There wasn’t a massive money saving on v-brakes, I just had them because I wanted something easy to fix on the trail when I was going to random places round the world.

I’ve got two sets of maguras off ebay for £20 each including shipping ($40), which is probably less than the cost of just getting v-brake adaptors, even before you’ve bought a brake lever, a cable, a set of cable cutters and a v-brake.

I wouldn’t use a caliper brake on a unicycle where you already have suitable brake mounts attached. I don’t know anyone who uses caliper brakes for proper muni, everyone seems to use maguras or v brakes, and they work fantastically well. I think you need way more strong and controllable brakes on a steep muni downhill than on a coker.


I found them here:

Thanks, to frogy130 and and OneWheelLess for that trialsin link. That’s what I’m looking for.

I installed a caliper brake on my Coker and found the same thing. After a little fiddling with the tension of the pivot bolt, I got the brake to stop from dragging upon release… now it works great! It doesn’t seem to matter that the brake is slightly off-center.

So, if you’re not anxious, then you shouldn’t have any reservations, right?

Oh, do you mean you are anxious about drilling the hole? :stuck_out_tongue:

Herein lies the beauty of the caliper brake. You don’t have to drill the hole exactly on-center to get the brake to work well. So, don’t worry about the placement of the hole, just make sure it’s perpendicular to the crown and you’re set!

If you think about it, you won’t really be removing much metal, let alone from a critical part of the frame. Even if you have to re-drill the hole, the frame will be fine.

You have my personal guarantee, Steve! Double your money back. :smiley:

The exchange rate + shiping accross the pond and it’d prob be the same cost as buying and welding on some Magura mounts.

But then you’d have to find some at a good price :o

those V-brake mounts that clamp round the frame, i strongly suspect the existing magura mounts would be in the way and make it impossible to use them.

Yes, I believe that’s the case.

V-brakes on KH


if you do a search I have posted about V-brake adaptors almost two years ago. I used Mission four bolt Magura V-brake addaptors. I gave information about the site and pictures of the adaptors. Roger has since stared to sell them. I have V-brakes mounted on my KH29 and they work fine. I must say though that I don’t use them very much when riding cross country. i wouod use them much more if I did any amount of road riding.


Thanks. I’m riding in a 24 hour race next month (Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous), which has some steep hills. Last year I rode my KH29 and it was great for most of the race course, except for the steep downhills. I’m putting the brake on partly because of that.