Limited edition Unicycle hoodies

hi, i have some limited edition unicycle hoodies available, they can be personalised to your own taste so the unicycle colour on the hoodie can be changed as well as the actual hoodie, the one i have for show is back with a red unicycle and chrome rim, the unicycle is textured meaning that you can actually feel the unicycle print, each hoodie is £25 exc postage, sizes are small, medium, large and extra large put othe sizes may be available, any questions?


Ukulele 001.jpg

Ukulele 002.jpg

Ukulele 003.jpg

Ukulele 004.jpg

Ukulele 005.jpg

These are sweet, are you willing to ship to the US?

I sure can, although the postage will be a bit more than normal

Postage will be £30. about $47