Limited Edition LUT Keyrings-sponsor me!

I’ve just made some keyrings for the Laos Unicycle Tour riders. It’s very important that we have somewhere safe to attach our keys to whilst on Unitour.

Anyway, I have made a few extra ones. If you would like a copy, then just sponsor me for the Laos Unicycle Tour Charity Challenge. We are raising money for OXFAM projects in Laos.

Donate whatever you like, but ideally over NZ$6 as that is what it costs to make the keyrings and send them around the world.

Also PM me if with your address if you’d like one.

Alternatively, if you’d like any, or all of, the riders to send you a postcard from Laos, you can sponsor our charity challenge also :sunglasses: .



keyrings1 sml.bmp (95.7 KB)

keyrings2 sml.bmp (150 KB)

This is a great cause and the event includes many great riders. When they are done they will all be great riders. THIS LINK TAKES YOU DIRECTLY TO THE DONATE PAGE. Ken is just upset because he’s behind in the donation race. Look at those spiffy keyrings. How can you pass up a bribe like that?

looks Awsome… looking forward to get mine when I get to Laos…!


Ok, last chance to get the official Laos Unicycle Tour keyrings…just PM me and sponsor my charity challenge and I’ll post you one :o)