Limited Edition KRIS HOLM unicycles in color!

These unicycles have a powder coated hub/rim/frame.

They are available in Yellow, Lime Green, Black or Orange.

Price is for the complete unicycle ready to ride - includes powder coating and wheel building and truing.

KH20 - 720.00 CDN - 625.00 US

( KH20 - stock blue - 560.00 CDN - 485.00 US )

KH24 or KH 29 - 785.00 CDN - 680.00 US

( KH24 or KH29 - stock blue - 625.00 CDN - 545.00 US )

Rims (40.00 CDN - 35.00 US), hubs (30.00 CDN - 25.00 US) and frames (50.00 CDN - 45.00 US) are also available.

This is the additional cost for the custom powder coating.

Rim costs:

19" 55.00 CDN - 48.00 US

24" 60.00 CDN - 52.00 US

29" 60.00 CDN - 52.00 US

Frame costs:

Blue - 19", 24", 29" - 175.00 CDN - 150.00 US

These unicycles and parts are only available from Bedford Unicycles and are a Limited Edition.

First come, first served !

Own a custom KH unicycle by Darren !

They are killer looking machines.

For more info contact:

Bedford Unicycles


Here are some pictures:

Some more pics because the limit per post is 10.

I really don’t like how bedford covers up the KH symbols with his. When I got a kh20 frame from him, all the tags were covered up. I think that it is disrespectful of KH.

On another note, the unis look nice, but I still like the original colouring.

Gah! So nice! But I think they are wayy too much more for just a powder coating. You could get all that (hub, rim, and frame) powder coated in any color for $40.

Wish I could have one…free I will stick with stock blue for that price…

wow, nice. Unfortunately, I dont have the need for a colored up uni.

I still prefer the blue KH frames, though I wouldnt mind just a yellow frame, but with a black rim.

The KH logos on the frame are made by not anodising that area, once powder coated they would be lost anyway.

i want the yellow and orange ones!!!

wait… DANG!!! they aren’t free :angry: :frowning:
very cool!

Bedford always covers up the KH logos with Bedford stickers whether they powder coat them or not.


looks like yours and justins…well almost…

O.M.G>!!! Those are sexy unis.

They look good. But where’s the red one? I think I’m gonna powder coat mine red when I get the chance.

How limited are they?
Because I would LOVE to buy one, just perhaps not at the moment…the green is BEAUTIFUL though (:

They are amazing! I especially like the invisible pedals.

I wish all KHs were like that.

I’m not sure of this, but I think that’s Darren’s (agreed to) perogative as a reseller. He has to protect and promote his brand as well. Kris just makes it hard by having signatures all over the place…


Darren has done a really good job of these. Powdercoating is expensive if you do small color batches and multiple components, and Darren also has to unbuild and rebuild the wheels to do the rims. So far I haven’t done this at the factory because it’s a pain for the smaller KH dealers to stock multiple colors, so it’s very cool that Darren has pulled it off.



I love the citrus theme!

A powder coated 24" frame plus shipping to Virginia worked out to $207, which is comparable to the price of a stock KH frame sold through UDC.

I would like to see someone (Darren) start doing “blended” or multi-color powder coating. I just get bored with the same SOLID colors. But maybe that’s just too difficult or not doable in the powdercoating process.