Limited Edition Bedford BC Wheels in color

Limited Edition Bedford BC Wheels with colored LowRider Platforms.

These Limited Edition Platforms are available in:

red - blue - orange - lime green - yellow

BC wheel with black platforms - 170.00 CDN - 148.00 US

BC wheel with Limited Edition colored platforms - 190.00 CDN - 165.00 US

Platforms on their own - Black - 89.00 CDN - 77.00 US

Platforms on their own - color - 109.00 CDN - 95.00 US

Trials BC’s - black platforms - 295.00 CDN - 255.00 US

Trials BC’s - color platforms - 315.00 CDN - 275.00 US

Add a colored rim - add 40.00 CDN - 35.00 US

Pro Street BC wheels same prices as Trials.

These are in stock ready to ship.

Platforms come with grip tape, ready to ride.

Only available from Bedford Unicycles !

For more info contact:

Bedford Unicycles



Here are some rims too with kh hubs from the other thread but I decided to post them here too.

I see bedfords idea about making cash. It’s not really the paint that costs much, but the set up and clean up. Many items, such as Darren has done and then selling them for a highish price (in my opinion). It is still cool that it gives a different color option than the original

how durable is the griptape

seems like a cheap way to make money, why should the color raise the price?

i agree


Because they were probably previously a different color, and therefore the color had to be removed, prepped, and repainted. It’s a lot of extra work.

Also, they aren’t just repainted, those are powder coated which is significantly more durable than a normal paint job and as a result a bit more expensive.

Also if he’s buying in built wheels he’d have to strip them apart, get the rim powder coated and then rebuild the wheel again, this is quite a lot of extra labour.

idk about that, my bc has some griptape peeling at the corners, and it’s taking the powder coat off of it.

edit: weren’t these BCs supposed to come out in february?

taken from here

So are the lowrider platforms standard now?

(because in the post, “platforms” are $77…)

Nevermind, i read it over -

Your kidding? It takes a huge amount of extra work to custom paint things. It is well worth the money.


Not just the labor. If those parts are actually being stripped and re-painted that’s a load of labor. But he might be able to order some of the parts in those colors, then match the rest. Still, extra labor. The part I didn’t notice anybody mentioning was the extra inventory. He has to make a lot more product even to offer the color choice. Then he has to keep them all available which means maintaining a larger inventory. Expensive.

If you don’t like custom, buy cheap. Or customize yourself for true custom!

I remember this thread.

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