Lil Street

Havent done much big street lately, doctor says to lay off on it and so does my back :roll_eyes: .

But this is what ive gotten done lately, nothing major by any means but decided to make a video out of it and tried a new style of music.

Tell me what yeah think about it:)

Nice vid. I liked the crankflip up that 4 set and you grinding that car lol.:slight_smile:

0:46 was niiice

Can you put it on vimeo?

Ill try to get it up on there tonight


Lol this is one of my favorite videos. It’s so awesome.

JACOB!!! Where in the world did this come from!!! You are not the same guy I rode with. I LOVED this video!!! It was soooo sexy you don’t even know! I must have been so tired when you told me you jumped up a 5 and flipped (not to mention overflipped and overhopped) a 4 :o And that flip over the curb was MASSIVE!!! You have to stop being so modest when you call me telling me what you land. Because I always picture the wrong thing. Best street video IMO :smiley: Much love! And come down to ride brotha!


haha thanks for the comments guys:)
means a lot to me!

I know colby i gotta get up there soon! Maybe once i get a week off from school ill make the trip on up there:D

haha that truck is mine so its not so random but that would be pretty cool to grind a random car :smiley:

heres Vimeo for you guys, took forever to upload :thinking:

Dude that was awesome! I liked the clips with the 5 set and the pallet, and when you rolling hopped over that thing. I hope your back heals quicky.

That was really good, fun stuff to watch.

grouse stuff man :slight_smile: liked everything mentioned, especially quater pipe grind and also the double flip up curb :slight_smile:

nice vid. what song is that btw? sounds pretty sweet haha

Song is Matisyahu: Jerusalem

Thanks for the kind words once again guys! :):slight_smile:


yea man great video…it give me somthing to strive for lol…and the music coodnt be better haha

sweet :roll_eyes:

nice street riding … sick

hey guys you can watch locked videos on youtube also on:
but quality sucks

amazing! :smiley: