like riding a bike

I bought a uni yesterday, just a cheapy, nothing to get overly excited about. I’ve riden a uni twice since my first uni broke when I was about 13-14 years old, I’m 35 now.

I gues there are some things you never forget how to do… I would call my first attempt successful, I rode down the drive and back up between the cars. Compared to what I see other folks doing, It’s hardly worth mentioning, except I had a blast! I was also able to do a free mount, something I could easily do at age 12. I was suprised to be able to ride in a somewhat controled manner and do some almost sharp 90 degree turns.

Not much more to report…except a big thanks to the list, you guys got me excited about riding again.


Nice! I hope I’ll never have to test that one for myself! I can’t part with my uni.
Good luck with your riding!

That’s fantastic.

And welcome to the fora.


Great! yeah, it’s easy once you know how, even 20 years later. Now if you only remembered to kept those muscels fit… It’s great exercise.

So now that you have one, you’ll need at least 2 more.

Coker! Coker! Coker!

That’s three. I was thinking of getting one other coker, but I don’t know about 3. :slight_smile:


I wonder what it’s like to ride a Coker, I probably don’t fit, do I? I’m 5’1" and 11 years old. I could use one for getting to the beach and back, 2.34 miles there and back I’ve ridden mine there and back…and walked… :smiley:

you’ll fit. I’m like 4’ 8.5" and I fit. there awesome to ride.

Well isn’t that all that matters?

Congratulations on becoming interested again!

Welcome to the forums.