Like NEW, Kris Holm/ Schlumpf Hub

Hello everyone, I recently purchased a new unicycle with a Kris Holm/ Schlumpf Hub. I am struggling financially right now so i have decided to sell the Hub. It is a fantastic piece of machinery and nothing is wrong with the hub. I really do not want to part with it but times are hard, toys have to go. I have had it for one month and put about 100 miles on the hub…it is still in new condition and under warranty. This Hub is amazing and is the latest model schlumpf available. The hub is all that is for sale, not the wheel. Contact me through email, or phone, 972-268-2707. My price on the hub is 1500 us dollars, i will cover shipping costs with in the US. These hubs are very hard to get your hands on and i am not willing to negotiate. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

I’d buy it if…

I’d buy it if you came down in price. While I may have to wait for a new one, I’d rather spring for it than pay $1500 bones.

If someone else wants it, cool, if not, let’s talk.

I understand if you would rather wait for a “brand new” one, but this one is like new…barely used and available now…let me know. Thanks. Oh, and by the way, this hub is the off road version of the schlumpf…the KH/ Schlumpf hub…i am asking what it sells for new…nothing more. (just in case there was any confusion)

The Hub is Sold! thanks everyone.


It’s nice to know that these hubs have fiscally holding power :slight_smile:

BTW, the current batch of Schlumps per Bronson: “Florian has not shipped the hubs yet… Shipping sounds immanent, but he does not give specific dates.”

So does that mean July or August :roll_eyes:

Oh boy… I want my hub!!! :frowning:

Waiting patiently. Thanks for the update!

Good to hear.

Hopefully the former (in time for the family vacation), not the latter.

Waiting impatiently…