Like new Green Echo SL rim brake for unicycles, Like Magura HS33

$160 shipped in the US

Complete Echo brake for one wheel that appears to have been used just a few miles on a bike, but is essentially like new. Huge stopping power and a lot cooler looking design over the regular old Magura rim brakes. The Echo cylinders are 1/4" shorter so they stick out 1/4" less beyond the unicycle frame leg than the regular Magura slave cylinders. This is a bonus for riders with extra wide rims like the KH Freeride or Surly Large Marge. May also be a bonus if you have huge calves like popeye??

I compared the lever length and height side-by-side to a pre 2004 Magura HS33 - and the place where your fingers grab the blade is in about the same place, but the geometry of the lever pivot and piston is different to give you more power.

This is the link to this same brake being sold at Tarty Bikes in the UK for 119 GBP or $193 USD and this doesn’t include the $35 Echo mounts:

Includes brake with black alloy Echo slave cylinder mounts w/ stainless steel hardware, green brake pads. Also, this lever blade looks to be spooner compatible if you file a couple of mm off of the very tip.

I’ll trim the brake line and crossover tube to what ever length you want, bleed and test the brake before I ship. If you need help calculating the line lengths, I can do this for you if I can get a few key measurements from you.

Let me know if you have questions,


Now $140 shipped


The Echo SL is sold pending receipt of funds.

Still have lots of other Magura brakes for sale.