Like Betty Bedford? You'll love this new shirt!

If you loved Betty Bedford even half as much as we do, then I know you are going
to love this shirt. If you where one of the people who hated Betty, well then you
just better turn around now, because this is NOT the T-shirt for you.

And finally, after way to much waiting this shirt is available for sale. $15 US
(plus shipping). For those that are concerned, Yes Darren knows about this shirt
and Yes he already has one and so can you. I think that’s enough words
for now, I’ll let the pictures do the rest. Just wipe up the drool when your done looking. :wink:

Here’s a better picture of the image that’s on the shirt.

To order yours, email me at: joe(AT)
Few more details here at

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: OMG!

I am one who hated the Betty shirts, but this one is brilliant and will be a perfect match for my Harper Hottie shirt. I just hope you’re not exploiting those women and are sharing the profits.


ba-bump ba-bump – slow down, heart!

t shirt


I’ll take the first girl please.

Lol nice.

Is that a sticker on the outside fork of Irene’s unicycle? :slight_smile:

not that I crave about political correctness… But not buying!

who is going to create the photoshopped counter-t-shirt full of hairy pithecanthropus unii :smiley:

BTW: I am lying … I watched closely: which is the 4th Uni?

  1. Will certainly share profits if I make any. This was never a “make lots of money project”. Always a “wouldn’t it be cool if” project.

  2. An order for the first girl? Well, she’s taken. She’s dating a level 10 unicyclist, so you best keep practicing!

  3. Nope that would be a Bedford sticker on the unicycle fork.

  4. That 4th Muni belongs to Andy Cotter and I can’t remember what kind it is. Not one you can buy anymore, I know that.


i am the first girl… ; )
my name is lindsey and yes, i am dating jamey mossengren.
but order a t-shirt!

Oh, my. That’s some stiff competition. Did they pose and, if so, who took the photo?

yes we posed, and Joe lind and Andy cotter took the pictures. they have a couple hundred of them… but this is the one chosen for the shirt…

When you say, “Did they pose?” do you mean as opposed to being dressed in those outfits and mounted on the unis in their sleep?

It’s a Telford, made by Geoffrey Faraghan. The website of his no longer exists (or is maybe elsewhere), but here’s the cache:

Level 11?

Can you guess the two level 11’s in that photo?!!

uh… i can, i can!!!

Re: Level 11?

Only one of them is a level 10 rider, so only one is eligible… though, I bet some can or have done everything in level 11.

there is one official level 11 and one unofficial level 11 in the picture that i know of.

Hope the same Photoshopping that was done to The Betty Shirt doesn’t happen here. Sort of.

Is it weird that my eyes immediately went to the unicycles… then the girls…?


If its makes any difference, I spent more time looking at the girls… but still…