Lightweight customised KH24

I’ve just remembered that they’ve recently changed the design, so it may be lighter & will surely be stronger…

Ti-Spokes are too expensive. I have never used them or buid a wheel with them because I have in memory, that they are not or hardly any lighter than thin steel spokes an not as strong as these.

Depending on your weight, I would use DT-Comp, Super Comp or Sapim Cx-Ray.

+1 I’ve beening Ventures and mine are still going strong… love them lol

A couple of guys who use Ventures here for off road have had problems with them. The lack of pedal inserts alone make them tricky to recommend instead of Moments imo, unless it’s $ driven which is fair enough.

I’ve only seen one uni down this way with Ti spokes. I think Ti is often as much about indulging/having something tricked out as about weight saving.

My only genuine interests in saving weight re uni are the ‘outside’ of the wheel - rim/tube/tire - and my own body… it could do with some Ti :stuck_out_tongue:

An update on this: my KH adjustable seatpost plate cracked after several years of hard muni use. After years of hard muni use mated up to a Thomson seatpost, it finally cracked. Not bad for parts that weren’t even meant to fit together! Thomson bolts don’t fit the KH plugs and vice versa, so I had to use the Thomson plugs. Problem has been fixed with a new plate and custom machined seatpost bolt plugs which exactly match the horizontal plug holes in the KH plate, rather than the somewhat smaller Thomson ones that were in there previously. New custom plugs were made by Pete Goodman.

Cracked KH adjustable seatpost plate here

[QUOTE= The maiden voyage will be tomorrow. Can’t wait to get it dirty![/QUOTE]

After that extreme diet of fancy light weight metals and you will weigh it down with mud!!!